OMS Library Update

March 2020

HUGE Moon Map

In March, Ms. Sturdivant and Ms. Kasyan attended training for the new Huge Moon Map which our school will be getting through grants. Exciting plans are underway for a cross-curricular experience with sixth grade students in the future.
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Battle of the Books County Competition

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7th Grade Science Research Lessons

In early March students in Ms. Krasutsky's and Mr. Cooper's science classes came to the library to learn how to use Destiny Collections when they researched for a genetics project.

Mr. Fadel's Classes Participate in Digital Citizenship Lessons

In early March, Mr. Fadel brought all of his social studies classes to the library for a digital citizenship lesson on digital drama. Students explored ways to deal with digital drama in their lives at home and at school.

Guest Speaker for CTE

Tori Duval, of the Western North Carolina Nature Center, visited OMS to speak with students in Ms. Venturella's and Ms. Hawkins' classes in early March.

Poetry Cafe

Students in Ms. Langlois' and Mr. Feste's attended a Poetry Cafe in our library in early March. Students were served different flavors of poems and explored the poems looking for poetic devices.

Biography Section Organized by Categories

In an attempt to make biographies more accessible to students and staff, we reorganized by categories including: Sports Biographies, Entertainer Biographies, Current American Biographies, World Biographies, Scientist Biographies, Historical American Biographies, and others.

Charles D. Owen Middle School Library

Our library (and school) is closed beginning March 14, 2020 until further notice. Ms. Tremble and Ms. Sturdivant can be reached via email during this closure.