English IV

British Literature

Today's Brain Fact

Pruning: like a gardener pruning an overgrown hedge, your brain will prune weak or unused neural pathways.

In other words, you use it or you lose it.

Content Objective

The student will analyze Shakespearean comedy and the impact of literary devices, assess the meaning and tone of scenes in the play.

Language Objective

The student will read Much Ado About Nothing and discuss play elements and how they impact the meaning of the play.

Much Ado About Nothing


Wednesday / Thursday

1. Warm up - journal (in journal or in Nobability)

In a well developed paragraph.....Respond to the following: Is it better to be brutally honest or to lie to protect others feelings. Explain.

2. Finish notes in Notability.

3. Finish Trope Notes from www.relhawkeye.weebly.com

4. Read Much Ado About Nothing (MAAN)

5. Discuss story elements and tone and meaning of play.