Pleasant Hill Weekly Update

October 2, 2020

Message from Mrs. Steele

All Pleasant Hill students will be receiving some newly purchased materials and supplies to help manage and support our hybrid and remote learning model. This week, students received a laptop case to hold their Chromebook. Please make sure to use this case when transporting the Chromebook back and forth to school instead of putting the Chromebook in your child's backpack. Also, there is an extra QR code with your child's name in the plastic sleeve of the case. Please make sure that stays in the sleeve. The case offers a nice cushion of safety!

Students will also be receiving earbuds that can travel back and forth (they have a cord and fit into the jack) so that background noise is eliminated and they can hear instruction better during a Google Meet. These earbuds should be kept in the Chromebook case when not in use so that they can be used at school and at home. We do have headphones at school but if you will help your student get in the habit of putting the earbuds in the Chromebook case they can be easily located.

Finally, in the next few weeks your student will be bringing home a Math Supplies box. It is a Sterilite bin the size of a shoe box. The math supplies box will stay at home; it will not come back and forth to school. Please encourage your child to keep their math supplies in their box so they are always ready when it's time for math.

We completely understand that additional items means additional responsibility for both kids and their parents. It is hard enough just keeping up with the basics like lunchboxes, water bottles and jackets most days. We really appreciate the extra effort being made to support your child with these new supplies!

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Social and Emotional Resource of the Week

This week we would like to share this printable tool from Ms. Anderson, our PH Social Worker called "Slow Down & Calm Down." When kids are feeling stressed, there is a fight or flight response and trying to rationalize or talk through the stress can be ineffective. It is helpful to slow down the nervous system first by taking some deep breaths which gets oxygen back into the frontal lobe where we do our best problem-solving and thinking! A visual cue with pictures is a great resource to have available when you see your child getting stressed or anxious.

Important Dates to Remember

We do not have school on Friday, October 9th or Monday, October 12th. Our teachers will be in professional development all day on Friday. Monday is Indigenous People's Day. We will send home a Parent-School communication on Thursday of next week instead of Friday.


Just a reminder that there is a Seesaw Tutorial for parents that can be found here. Once you have completed the tutorial, you will earn a Seesaw Digital Learner’s Permit which shows your expertise in being able to learn and create using Seesaw!

NutriSlice Ordering System

Until December 31, 2020 ALL students are able to eat breakfast and lunch at school for free. It is very important however, that families pre-order your child's breakfast, lunch and snack drink. We have been told if you order correctly through Nutrislice you will receive a confirmation email. If you do not get a confirmation email, the breakfast/lunch order has not been placed. Food services needs to know ahead of time what to prepare for each child. The website for Pleasant Hill can be found here.

Primary PTA Message

Please Click here for a Message from our Scarborough Primary PTA. This update includes information about fundraising and Square One Art! The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 13th at 7PM. This will be a virtual meeting and the link will be posted on the PTA Facebook page.