Fourth-grade News

Hosp Elementary, Frisco, Texas


Fourth-graders will take the math STAAR on Monday and the reading STAAR on Tuesday. Here are some details and tips to help make testing days worry-free.

  • Visitors are not allowed on campus all week. Please plan to visit another day for lunch or volunteering.
  • We need students on campus all day, both days, and we ask that you not schedule discretionary dental or medical appointments during school hours those days.
  • Please make sure that your child gets plenty of rest the night before tests.
  • Please make sure that your child eats a healthy breakfast in the morning before testing.
  • Students may bring a water bottle to class for testing. Students will not bring food to class.
  • Students will bring at least one chapter book to class. They can read in any remaining time after the test is completed.

Thank you for your support at home!


No visitors are allowed on campus next week, May 9-13. This applies to all families, whether or not you have a student taking a STAAR exam. Please click here for all the details.

What are your children learning next week?


Science: Weather

Reading: STAAR; Synthesizing with fiction

Writing: Imaginative fiction

Social Studies: Texas today

Grammar: Quotation marks in dialogue


Scenes from our outdoor reading

Upcoming fourth-grade dates

Parents: Please note the STAAR dates as you plan medical appointments in the coming weeks and months.

May 9-13: No visitors on campus

May 9: Math STAAR exam
May 10: Reading STAAR exam

May 20: Field Day

June 3: Last day of school; end-of-year party


Fourth-graders have been challenged this school year to read 40 books from specific genres. Two fourth-graders have completed the challenge. Way to go!

  • Parker Grace F.
  • Gabriel M.

Morning drop-off reminder

Students do not need to wait for someone to open their door to exit to the curb.

As long as the line of cars is stopped and you are next to the curb, please have your student(s) exit on the curb side and walk along the sidewalk to the Pod 3 doors.

This will greatly improve the wait time and reduce tardies. Thank you!

Spelling tests are available online

If your child misplaces the weekly spelling list, never fear! You can access the list online. Click here for current spelling lists.

Need to report an absence? Change dismissal? Please email!

Absences and dismissal changes must be sent to the front office. The email address for both is Dismissal changes need to be sent by noon the day of the change. Thank you!