Social Media Problems

Phones take over

By:Sterling Reynolds

multitasking media


The media is growing, and quick. You will be doing homework and then all of the sudden a text shows up and you get in a massive conversation. The you will wake up the next morning and realize that you have not done any homework. And then you are in trouble with the teacher. This can cause you to fail this class. No matter what, this has a negative impact on your grade.

There are also ways to solve this problem. You could give your phone to your parents, and tell them not to give it back until you are done with homework. And you would also have to show them your work. It works for me. I have had times when i did have my phone. And those times my work was not finished.

I have noticed that whenever i get distracted one day. I will check my grades the next day and they have gone down. And this is why we can’t get distracted while doing homework. We will fail, and will not go to the next grade. It is bad for us. Bad for our brains.

Everyone has to admit that they have at least done it once. You will say to your parent that you will do your homework later. But then, it is forgotten and you fall asleep. Grade has been brought down. All it takes is a few daily grades to fail you. This all started because of you getting on your cell phone.

Honestly social media is really how kids get together. But it still effects your school grade. I use social media everyday. Just so i can get together with my friends. Everyone gets distracted every once and a while. I either give my phone to my parents, or put it on do not disturb. It helps you get work done. I know that school work is boring, but it is worth doing it to go on in life.

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