Final Exam Review

savannah cook

Example showing how physical geography can affect a countries economic activities

Middle east- lots of oil, sell it for profit
Japan- composed of a bunch of islands, helps trading and fishing

how do immagrants add to a diverse culture in a country

combine cultures of a local community

what event had the greatest impact on the political, economic,and culture elements of mexico

colonization and exploration

What is a result of the global spread of american popular culture

- country music in Asia
-American call centers in India

in what direction was the huge migration shift in America in the 1800s


How did the united states aquire thier northern and southern borders

some were natural (rio grande) and some we man made

why was NAFTA and the EU formed

To reduce trade throughout enrolled countries

in the columbian exchange how were the lives of the europeans impacted by thier american counter parts

transfer of new products and ideas

what can you infer from this map

most countries were able to gain independence between 1790 and 1828

how does the cold war continue to affect the political landscape of europe

some countries are still aligned with russia

Why was the UN created

to promote international cooperation, achieve peace, and security

What geopgraphic circumstance has hampered russias sucess in foreign policy

lack of warm water

what major change was going on in europe during the 1989 democratic elections in lativia,poland, and ukraine

the fall of the berlin wall,fall of communism

after the formation of the EU, why do we see a population shift in europe

better, safer places to live so many people moved there

who should be to blame according to the political cartoon

the government

why is north africa different than the rest of africa both culturally and in the advancement of medical care

separated by the sahara

why is nelson mandala a hero to many south africans

negotiated the end of apartheid in south africa

what are some of the negative cultural effects of european colonization in south america and africa

europe created cultural divisions that lead to mass civil wars, corrupt leadership, ect

what happened next in both of these regions

began to fight for independence

why doe africa have relativly poor economies even though they have an abundance of natural resources

lack of money,education,and infrastructure

which challenge of globalization doe the rapid spread of H1N1 flu and ebola demonstrate?

diseases spread quickly

what important values are esential to african tribes

seclusion to be left alone/practice their beliefs

why is there an african influence on the food and customs on the carribean

slave trade had a stop in the Caribbean

how has the arab spring changed many middle eastern and north african states

overthrowing totalitarian leaders

because of foreign conquerors and its physical features how has africa changed over the last century

they brought religion and language and forced it upon them

why have israels borders changed so much

Sahara- dividing line- forced conversion- Judaism

what can oil rich nations of the middle east do to ensure thier longtime sucess economically

create a diverse economy

how are women treated in the traditional islamis monarchy of saudi arabia

they dont work, are not allowed to drive, and always has to be fully clothes when out in public

what is the summary of this political stance

any country has the right to develop nuclear energy if it is made for the purpose of peace

what are the two main reasons that saudi arabia is important to many people around the world

mecca - major Muslim holy site

what has come from the middle east having a limited amount of fresh water

leaders in desalinization

why dothe people in southwest asia depend on the summer monsoon each year

so they can grow crops, little rain fall throughout the rest of the year

why do some countries in southwest asia continue to gain wealth from a surplus of natural resources when others dont

natural resources are not divided equally

the movement of techtonic plates moved the indian subcontient up to asia and created what major landform

the Himalayas

why is there so much conflict on the province of kashmir between india and pakistan

Both muslims and hindus live there, so they fight over which religion should be the leader

currently there is a hindu leader

it is a part of india

stateless nation

where are most chinese cities located

along the east coast

what countrie would be most developed acording the this chart? least developed?

japan and bangladesh