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May 22nd

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Nothing, I mean NOTHING will inspire you like Hoopla will. I can say hands down I would NOT be where I am (I probably wouldn't even still be doing Stella and Dot) had I not gone to that first Hoopla (that Jenny Foley dragged me to kicking and screaming in 2009)! I didn't see the point on going all the way for California when this was just a fun side hobby. BUT after about 10 minutes in the room with Jessica.....I heard her vision, I heard her MISSION, and I heard what was possible with a little hard work....I was hooked and I have never looked back. I can also say with absolute certainty that MOST of my leaders are where they are because they attended hoopla. It is tough to put into words the impact of hoopla....It is a combination of inspiration, empowerment, a huge dose of "ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE" and some amazing training....that will apply to ALL facets of your life ...your other boss will be so glad that you attended because you will be crazy motivated when you return.
ADD in BRENE BROWN this year and it is a no brainer. Can't afford to go? Then honestly you can't afford NOT to go....you paycheck will increase 7 TIMES after attending (compared to those who don't attend).

BUT don't just take it from me. HOOPLA attendees of the past.....what did Hoopla do for you? POST PICTURES, EXPERIENCES AND BIGGEST TAKEAWAYS from hoopla. Here is a pick from our STAR coffee last year!

Dot Dollars are back!

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it pays to shop! Tuesday, May 16th through Monday, June 19th, for every $50 your customer spends she earns $25 in Dot Dollars to cash in June 27th – July 10th on all the style of her choice – including, for the first time ever, all COVET styles!


More rewards for her means more reasons to book.

  • Make a list of at least 10 to call/ text/ message today.
  • Follow-up this week to close the deal.
  • Use your 10/4 Tracker to make things happen.

The more Dot Dollars orders you collect in May, the more orders and earnings you will collect in June when it’s time to cash in! Win win.

Find more Dot Dollars tools here and check out your Dot Dollars FAQs for more details.


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It's time to DOUBLE DOWN ON Double D - (a.k.a. DD = Dot Dollars)! Yep - we're headed to Vegas in July for Hoopla so its time to bet on yourself, use DD to book in tight, and kick off the Summer of Love with stellar bookings!

Post below for every NEW booking held between now and May 31st... and you'll be entered to win ONE OF TWO (yes.. we're sticking with the double theme) Third Love's Classis T-Shirt Bra!!!

Need words to say to book in tight?!! See comments below and maybe use something similar to this!

"Hello Jenni - hope you're doing well! I love staying up to date with your fun happenings on fb and had to reach out now because it's your fave time of year... Dot Dollars and Summertime!!
Would love to do our annual jewels by the pool in late May! We have new hostess goodies coming in on top of our already fabulous spring/summer lines - that you'll get first dibs on!
What do you think?!! Would love to catch up, give you an excuse for some girl time, earn you some new goodies, and lounge by your fun pool!
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Hello, Summer Sale! Up to 50% off

Hi Stylists,

Our Summer Sale is on. Starting today through Tuesday, May 30th, we’re offering up to 50% select styles while supplies last!

If she loves a sale, she loves a steal. Don’t let her miss the best way to get NEW styles at a steal – when she hosts her own show! Follow up with anyone who shops the Summer Sale or likes your social posts and get a show booked in May or June so she can earn Dot Dollars and have early access to Hostess Rewards!

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Once sale styles are gone, they’re gone so we can make room for the gorgeous new collections to come! Check out your newly updated the Retired List, now easier to navigate and sorted alphabetically by Retired Date, then Category (i.e. Necklaces, Bracelets) and finally by Description. You will find the newest items retiring first followed by all previously retired styles.


What happens if one of these discounted styles sells out?
All sale items are while supplies last. There are no backorders on sale items and these items will not be replaced with other items. When a style sells out, it will be removed from the site immediately.

When does this promotion begin and end?
This promotion begins on Thursday, May 18th, and ends on Tuesday, May 30th at 11:59pm PT.

Who is qualified to redeem this promotion?
All customers and Hostesses can take advantage of this promotion.

How do my customers take advantage of this promotion?
By simply adding any or all of the new promotion styles, or further marked-down existing sale items, to their cart!

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12/29 – 6/30 Roll Like a Boss, and Trip for 1 or Trip for 2
Level 1: Roll into Hoopla like a boss with the VIP Style BOSS Hoopla Pass (we’re talking VIP Cocktail Reception, Exclusive Charm, VIP Registration, Priority Entrance to the Fashion Show, First Access to the Hoopla Boutique and your own Private Jewelry Viewing with the Style Team) plus a brand new and exclusive Trunk Show Jewelry Roller! Earn this with 25,000 Points (12,500 PQV minimum)
Level 2: Earn your all-expense paid Trip for 1 to Grand Velas Riviera Maya with 45,000 points (22,500 PQV minimum)
Level 3: Earn your all-expense paid Trip for 2 to Grand Velas Riviera Maya with 75,000 points (22,500 PQV minimum)
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Top 10 in Sales

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Top in Qualified Stylist

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Congrats to all who have Qualified 1 stylist

Amy Ebberts

juliana Rivera

Lisa Tyler

Barbara Muehr-Ellis

Samantha Tunador

Lindsay Dixon

Rebecca Ackley

Morgan Lyon

Kathryn Larson

Amber McMillen

Kari Mapes

Stephanie Ly

Amanda Knight

Marcella Wishom

Brittany Turner

Nicole Hinton

Ashley Howe

Claire Price

Carina Vayo

Brigitte Ward

Mary Heisler

Victoria Pomparelli

Mary Forrest

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Way to go Jumstart Earners!!

Earned over $400

Jean Shaver $499

Amber Rhodes $449

Rebecca O'Brien $439

Earned over $300

Pamela Brieck $380

Jill Steele $375

Ashley Jordan $373

Caitlin Adair $369

Heidi Greulich $357

Megan Dempsey-Byler $339

Tara Hill $323

Earned Over $200

Megan Sisson $296

Kelsea Doucakis $294

Kristen Rocke $290

Jaclyn Mason $288

Kylie Ervin $282

Anne Sanford $276

Stephanie Jesko $274

Grace McHale $269

Melissa Jones $266

Jamie Cohen $261

Catherine Scott $261

Maraliz Tiede $255

Erin DeHaven $255

Christy Ventura $252

Angela Bindel $250

CJ Miles $237

Jennifer Noble $237

Allison Yount $232

Janette Pompeo $232

Kendall Tyler $229

Jenna Kellerman $225

Terri Henderson $223

Diane Plumley $222

Vanessa Hart $220

Lindsay Sterkenburg $220

Lacey Dowdall 219 CAD

Amanda Scott $215

Marcella Wishom $212

Courtney Deeb $209

Gabriella Scanziello $209

Karen Oliphant $206

Lauryn Weaver $205

Diedre Clarke $205

Earned Over $100

Brittany Sobieski $176

Amanda Kirchner $176

Taylor Elder $171

Toshiko Barton $144

Patricia Short $137

Amee Gasser $132

Sarah Nevell E129

Amanda Gibson $118

Amanda Gallo $112

Lisa Rajnik $105

Home Office Training Calls

Training Tuesday Podcast

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 All Day

Every Tuesday, get your training fix with actionable tips to impact your business each week!

Subscribe to the Stella & Dot podcast channel on iTunes or download each podcast from Stellaverse: https://stellaverse.stelladot.com/community/calendar/pages/training-podcasts-calls

Make MORE in May Day! a Power Blitz

Tuesday, May 23, 2017 12:00 PM - 7:00 PM EDT

Welcome All Stylists!! Every hour, at the top of the hour, a different Stylist will go FBLive with booking words-to-say

Learn about ways to boost awareness and grow your network through the trunk show, taking the business with you on the go, local events and social media. Starting at 9am PST, you will hear from a leader in each region with their top tip to expand their network, words to say to warm up and follow up.

If you are unable to make the entire live event, make sure to RSVP so you can review after. More details to come this week!

Join us on the S&D Style BOSS – 2017 Facebook page for this live training!

S&D Opportunity Facebook Live with Jessica

Wednesday, May 24, 2017 3:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT

Join Stella & Dot CEO & Founder, Jessica Herrin, on a special Facebook Live video to learn about Stella & Dot's groundbreaking opportunity. Stella & Dot is not only a big idea, it's a smart business that works. Tune in to hear more!!
These Facebook Live videos are for prospective Stella & Dot Stylists and their families. Get the chance to ask questions and have them answered live!

You can access the event by visiting our Stella & Dot Brand Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/stelladot/

Hope Everyone has a great Week!! Let me know if you need anything!

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