Wave surfing

Lior Yahud, Tal Peri, Tal Itzik


Surfing is one of the oldest practiced sports on the planet.

Art surfing on the waves, is a combination of athleticism and understanding of the beauty and power of nature, and in fact one of the few sports that create a culture and way of life of its own.

Today, millions of peoples around the world joined the user community each year and is considered one of the sports that develop on Earth.

Israel began to surfwaves in the mid-50s of the 20th century, when Dr. Doriin Paskovich, an American-born Jewish, arrived to Israel for vacation with surfboards in his hands and surf hope to set up a team to represent Israel at the World Championships.

Surfing in Israel has two major advantages.

The first is the low waves, allowing users to begin to learn the basics of surfing.

The second advantage is the mild weather and high temperature of the sea water almost all year round, allowing only a swimsuit surfing, without the need for wearing a surfing suit.

Billabong Up North 2015 - אליפות ישראל בגלישת גלים, סוקולוב נהריה

New words



להקים-set up


חליפת גלישה-surfing suit