Welcome Ashford Scholars To EDU 498

Education Studies Captsone

Week One

Congratulations on choosing to join be one of the most important professions - teaching! You have heard it before that teachers change lives, but it is true! I've been a classroom teacher and administrator for nearly two decades, and I have seen countless lives changed by the caring interaction of a teacher or administrator.

This final course will help you put all the key pieces together so that when you graduate, you truly are polished and ready to be a gem of a teacher!

This Week's Chapter...

Dr. Shean summarizes how the brain works, looks at three learning theories and questions their current relevance, and compares today's learners know as "Generation Net," to those who came before. This chapter provides you with a basic answer to the question, "How do students learn?"

From the trenches...

For myself, I found that the module clearly illustrates the Paul and Elder model of critical thinking. There are 8 basic structures of thought:

  1. Point of view

2. Purpose

3. Questions that drives the thinking

4. Information

5. Interpretation and inference

6. Concepts and ideas


8. Implications and consequences.

As a teacher, decisions are made throughout the day. Some are with ease, and others truly require careful and precise thinking. Some questions pertain to the instructional needs of students or their social emotional well being. There are situations with parents, staff, and members of administration that require thought out actions instead of reactions. I have found that the best team members to work with are those who step away to think before they react. They have the ability to think critically and apply the Paul and Elder model of critical thinking. When they see barriers, they do not panic; instead they gather around to brainstorm solutions.

Do the Common Core Standards Promote Critical Thinking?

Select one of the two prompts and read the directions carefully before submitting your assignment.

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