were the two streams of egypts history come together just below the delta at cairo where the amazing city in the islamic world spreads across the nile towards the pyramids there bazaars, mosques and beautiful museums. its has street life where medieval trades and customs coexist with a modern, mix of arab, africa and european influences

Cairo Chow

come and try one of cairo's chow chow is a dish today. if you love meat rice and vegetables you would love cairo. if your a meat and veggie lover we have the best combo for you. if you like pudding you will love are pudding we have the best pudding deserts you will find. here in cairo you'l have plenty of time to eat our delightful foods. we eat 5 times a day mostly fish, eggs, light bread and yellow rice meats consist of chicken, beef or lama and common vegetables are eggplants and squash made to perfection.

Culture In Cairo

cairo is the capital of egypt, the largest city in the arab world world. it is located near major cultural sites of egypt including the pyramids at Giza and the sphinx. if you like studding you will find studying islam incredible here come and see the suez canal a long wide river that connects to the mediterranean sea you cab't miss these astonishing buildings that are 1000 years old standing with world's largest empire.

Destination Cairo

come and see the best sites in egypt, cairo is a fascinating and welcome city's. you can't miss the famous pyramids of giza and the sphinx statue. there is fun for its nose fell off. can you figure out the mystery. cairo has remarkable museums you won't want to miss. enjoy these great sites before its too late

Cairo Marks

come view our wonderful landmarks. come visit the sphinx, a grate limestone statue. take a glimspes of the marvelous pyramids of giza. come visit the incredible museums with a vast amount of history behind them while in cairo you cannot miss the sight of the spectacular nile river where it splits. Don't forget to visit these breath-taking sites

Cairo's language

when you visit Cairo see how we speak in our way of life you want to learn arabic then Cairo is the best place to be we have the greatest history in it Arabic has four different dialogues,but Cairo is the most popular known across the arabic world don't worry if you don't speak arabic english is the minority in the tourist parts of the city we are the capital best known for arabic we even have our own dialogue name after us , Cairo . don't be afraid to come here people speak english too!!!

Cairo's Climate

if you like hot and warm weather then the summer is the best time to come to visit. if you like cold weather come during winter because temperatures drop to 48 degree F. there is never a bad time to visit the because city of cairo. if you love the heat then come stay in the south of cairo, the temperatures rise to 104 degrees F. here the weather is beyond belief so don't miss out on cairo's climate. there is never a bad time to come



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