Super model in a wheelchair

how it can be?

How it began?

World, relatively small, the model / es with disabilities Murray, 32, is considered a pioneer. She was confined to a wheelchair at the age of 14 after she broke her neck during a family vacation, but would do anything to become a model.

How she deal with it?

After the accident Murray decided to focus at what she want to be and not at her pain.

She was imbued with a purpose and worked hard to To fulfill her dream.

and from there everything is history...

Her succes!

In 1994 she won the first competition limited ownership models organized by Lewis Dyson who runs the "VisABLE Models" One of the agencies Hdgmon units that specialize in finding jobs male and female models with disabilities. Murray has become one of the most famous models agency with a number of modeling jobs, concerts and television programs practiced law degree.