Japanese Hotel Staffed by Robots

Source: DOGO News (Darayus Sethna- 6th Period)

How Would You Feel About a Hotel That is Organized by Robotic Machines?

Well, in Japan this idea is now a functioning real life hotel named the "Henn-na". Founding this innovative hotel is Japanese entrepreneur named Hideo Sawada. This hotel is located in Nagasaki, Japan ( a city that witnessed the atomic bomb in 1945) in the Huis Ten Bosch theme park. In fact, the hotel celebrated its grand opening on recently, on July 17, 2015.

Features of this Elaborate Embassy as well as Predictions and Discussions

When making your check in at the hotel, guests explain how you are welcomed by an English speaking dinosaur or a Japanese speaking robot. When guests want to enter their room, they don't require their room key or card, rather their own face. Facial recognition is required for room entry in this hotel, a useful and protective method. I predict when this hotel starts to get used to, many of the Japanese citizens, especially in Nagasaki have an increased population in unemployment due to robot manufacturing. Guests lodging in the hotel might also not have the time or just can't handle all of the technology and robots around them, targeting elders mainly. My mother and I also concluded our own opinions about the hotel. First my mother's opinion was that energy techniques are very useful, but she disgraces the idea about the decreasing of human interactions. My opinion is that the cost for the rooms a day as much as sixty U.S dollars during low seasons. Due to all this hardworking technological advances, I asked myself that "If that little of an amount of money for rooms in low seasons, will the hotel be able to make a decent profit?". Maybe you could ask this question to yourself as well.

More Features About the "Henn-na"

Overall Conclusion of the Article, Such as Why the Article is important, and Inferences

At this point in the presentation, I believe its now time to bring together some final conclusions, such as why the article itself is important, and an Inference about the story. My reasoning of why the article is important is because the Japanese citizens have always explored robotics and other energy saving technologies. This discovery is incredibly important because a country like the United States can have influences on this matter, and enhance some their own discoveries. Next is many main inference about the article. My inference is that I think the guests who lodge at the hotel will want to have cleaning in their rooms every day because if on vacation, many travelers will just want to rest, and not worry about cleanliness. This mainly affects the custodial robots who clean rooms only once a week. If guests want a cleaned roomed every day, they will have to pay an extra cost, which is extremely rare in the United States. In Conclusion, the "Henn-na" hotel in Nagasaki, Japan has many positive features, like more robotics and more personalized recognition. However the main problem could be effect this hotel since the main matter of any type of hotel is for guests to have a comfortable stay, my question is "will customers have that suitable and comfort stay at this hotel due to all the robotic employees?".