Lester B Pearson

by: Soban Ali

Who is he

Lester B. Pearson was a political and was the prime minister of Canada from (1963-68). He was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1957. He became the president of the United Nations in 1952-53, he also helped in the formation of North Atlantic Treaty Organization(NATO). The also helped to solve the problem in the Suez crisis in the middle east, hence was rewarded with a Nobel Peace Prize

what did he do

The Suez crisis started on July 26,1956. The Egyptian president wanted to nationalises the Suez Canal Company. The Suez Canal Company which was ran by French and British government. The Canal transferred oil for the British. If the Egyptain president stopped the flow of the oil, he could cause the British economy to fall. Because of the fear, the British and the French launched an attack on the Canal.


courage is not the absence of fear--- its inspiring others to move beyond it

Lester Bowles Person and Canada stepped into is crisis and became a peacekeeping nation and were part of the UN. Pearson who was the secretary of state for external affairs, Pearson started to work out a diplomatic solution to the crisis. Unfortunately more bombing began in the middle east, Pearson plan failed and made to find a new way to solve the crisis.

this relates to the 8 Lessons of Leadership because Pearson was not very popular as he was not the Prime Minister of Canada, as said above Pearson made a plan which fail miserably but as all great leaders Pearson got back up and made a new plan to solve the crisis and won the Nobel Prize Prize.