The Sparkling Spotlight

December 2013 Team Newsletter

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Star Director's Corner

Happy December Sparklers,

WOW! The end of 2013 and what an amazing year it has been. So many milestones and so many incredible journeys. We have been every month in numbers this year and that gets me so excited for 2014.

Our Team Numbers:

Nov 2013 154 in our group ~ Volume: 53053.10

Nov 2012 180 in our group ~ Volume: 51322.14

Nov 2011 101 in our group ~ Volume: 34749.62

Nov 2010 46 in our group ~ Volume: 17061.34

Nov 2009 8 in our group ~ Volume: 2199.39

Check out how well we continue to do every single year. We are the example of QUALITY, not QUANTITY!! It shows if we bring on people who are serious about making their dreams come true that we can do things even with less people. I am so happy to see everyone of you on every single call every single week and really knowing what it takes to make this happen. I couldn't be any more proud of every single of you than I am. You bring on new people, you share our team culture and you stay consistent and true. That is a true FAMILY!!!

Keep plugging away through December. Don't slow down now and start building for January. You now see what it is going to take to make things happen and that is to book parties and recruit to your teams!!! If you are new, latch on to the Top 10 of this team and PICK THEIR BRAINS!! Don't reinvent the wheel. Learn from those already doing what you want to do. I know 2014 is going to have some CRAZY things happen. My goals are already in the making. Are you ready?

1. To have the most team members at Convention that we have ever had.

2. This team will be SUPERSTAR DIRECTOR STATUS baby!

3. To promote 6 more Directors.

4. To bring on 100 New Sparklers to our team.

5. To have 15 People earn the 2015 Incentive Trip

What are your goals? Do you have them ready?

I wish all of you the happiest of holidays. You are my family and I love every single one of you, TRULY! You have changed my life. When I say that, you just can't imagine how you, your drive and your inspiration truly saved me! :) Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and Let's Rock 2014!!!!

Hugs and Love Always,


TOP PRV ~ Lori Sargent ~$4503.00

December Specials

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November Promotions!! ~ GREAT JOB!

Jessica Dumong ~ Director

Liz Herring - Star Consultant

Catherine-Lee Daniel - Lead Consultant

Alex SB - Lead Consultant

Angela McDevitt -Certified

Heather Haase - Certified

Joseph Pitsonbarger - Certified

Christine Davis - Certified

Dawn Bryant - Certified

Stephanie Renfrow - Certified

Cathy Hernandez - Certified

Amy Connell - Certified

Yesenia Flores - Certified

Shireen Yara - Certifed

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Our Next Director ~ Jessica Dumong

When someone hits the level of Director, it is soooooo special to me. I am soooo excited and happy to congratulate Jessica Dumong. Jessica has worked so hard and continues to build her team every single day. She is an amazing leader. She is focused and determined and we are soooo happy to have her as a part of our team. Her team is the Sparkling Belles and together they have now reached this incredible milestone. We love you Jessica and can't wait to continue to watch your amazing Scentsy Journey!

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Top Recruiters

Amy Daniel ~ 2

Jessica Dumong ~ 2

Valerie Garrett ~ 2

Stephanie Odden ~ 1

Lauren Huffman ~ 1

Catherine-Lee Daniel ~ 1

Alexandra Szalay-Brooks ~ 1

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Shooting Star Award ~ 500 PRV in your first 15 days

Shireen Yara
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Scentsational Start Awards

Heather Smith Level 2

Jacqueline Cook Level 1

Amy Connell Level 1

Shireen Yara Level 1

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Spring Sprint 2014

The dates have been set and the cities are ready. Is Scentsy coming to a town near you. Don't miss this Spring training. Get your teams together and head to Spring Sprint. To register, go to your events tab in your workstation and choose your date/location! It's $60 for a consultant ticket and $10 for a guest ticket! Every consultant gets a product kit at the event, full of awesome new goodies! Your guest must be 18 years or older!

Spring Sprint is like a mini convention! A BIG party full of Scentsy Consultants where you hear from other consultants, learn about the company, get PUMPED up for your business and see what goodies are coming out in the next catalog before anyone else does!

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Scentsy Convention, St Louis, MO ~ July 2014

Are you starting to plan for Scentsy Family Reunion, 2014. We are on Week 21 of our 52 week challenge. Be sure you Convention Savings is at $231. Start planning now and join us for the event of the year.