Squirrels have feelings!

To my prior knowledge i have noticted that squirrels show their emotion in very many ways but i will start with only three examples..

1. Sometimes you will see a squirrel in the park walking and/or running around like they own the place..This is because they want to feel important they want to feel important cause we treat them like they are tiny, unwanted, and unessessary things to be on Earth.

2. People always make fun of squirrels in movies and it makes squirrels feel like they are the joke of the world..Sometimes if you are next to a tree at night and you are very quiet then you can hear the little squirrels crying cause they feel like a joke.

3. I know so far it is soo sad i wish people would take a stand like me...Well a funny kind of stand but still. Squirrels are never the main attraction at zoo's because they are too fast to catch they will easily run away because they get scared..And if you dont give them their space then they will attack...I for one should know i have been attacked once but it was a very mild attack. Anyway, im really hoping im getting to the center of your heart right now;)

UCLA Squirrels - Life is a Highway

Some people just seem to dislike these inoccent creatures!!!!!

Little squirrel Bobby..

Little squirrel Bobby is what i like to call the target he is the main squirrel used in everything like magazines, movies, books, even in pictures...He is basically a celebrety squirrel that is in alot of places.. But sometimes he gets a little full of himself.... I mean i interviewed him yesterday and all he talk about was himself giving himself all the credit cause he knows his life is perfect and he wont get hate by doing this..That is how every squirrel should feel :.(

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Carrie Underwood - I'll Stand By You

This makes me think of all those little squirrels on their own in the big unknown world:(

But to cheer you up i got some great squirrel videos and pics that your sure to enjoy
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Squirrel!.. will 'cute' for peanuts
"Meet Dug" from Disney•Pixar's UP -- (HD 720p)