All About Me

Valorie Portillo

Meet Valorie:)

My name is Valorie Portillo. I have an older sister,23, older brother,21, and a little sister,9, along with a mom and dad. I am in the eighth grade and play basketball and volleyball. I would like to go to college at UCLA, and go to school in the medical field.

What does it mean to be a leader?

In my opinion it means to be respectful and help others make good decisions. To be a leader people have to trust you, therefore, you must be trustworthy, respectful, and determined to make better choices.

My Everyday Leaders

My mother, Reyes, is one of the main leaders in my life because she is literally the strongest woman that I know. My brother, Gabe, is also one of the main leaders in my life because he is the most positive person that I know, whether it's through the goods times or the bad times. My sister, Jasmine, is a great leader because she played sports and is an amazing person overall, she graduated high school and graduated college to be a nurse.

Short Term #GOALS

  • Getting a scholarship to UCLA
  • Limit my time on social media
  • Become less salty

Long Term #GOALS

  • Become a doctor
  • Have keys to success
  • Be happy