By Jack Helgren


The capital is Brasilla. 10 degrees south and 55 degrese west.


Crist the redemer, famous statue of Rio. amazon river, the 2nd biggest river in the world. Historic center of olnida, an old town.

Physical features

Amazon river.23 degrees and 27 degrees south. Main animals are deer,foxes,wolfs, and dogs.

Human enviornment interaction

deforestatoin in the amazon river.Desertifictoin,another importaint enviornmental problem in Brazil.

environment affecting people

cause floods,soil erosion,and shelter.

movement people move

trains,cars,motercycles,bikes,mopeds,busses,boats, and planes.

movement goods move

trucks,boats,and planes

movement ideas move

fhones,computers,facetime, and skype


human and physical.

tourist attractions

in Roi there is a big soccer feild where the World cup was.