4th Grade Super Sailor Newsletter

Week 8: October 12-16, 2015

What are our Super Sailors learning this week?


We will spend the week becoming familiar with input/output machines and stem and leaf plots. This will allow us to review addition and subtraction skills from our past unit. Please continue to have students complete 30 minutes of Reflex Math each week. We begin our Multiplication Unit on Monday, October 19th and students need to have their basic facts (0-12) memorized to ensure success.


Students will take their first Force and Motion assessment on Tuesday, October 13th. Then, we will begin to investigate magnetic fields. Students will complete a virtual lab in which they will discover magnetic fields and their impact on objects around them.


We’ve been working deep on inference skills. Students are learning that to make an inference we must use specific evidence from the text and our schema. We use this strategy also when we determine unknown words in text using context clues. This week we’ll begin mental images and how these images help us read, as well as what in the text gives us these images. Major grade inference test Tuesday, October 13th. How to study for this? Read and find evidence of the inferences you are automatically making in your head.


We’ve been working hard on personal narratives and generating seed ideas. We learned how authors hook a reader with a good lead, and we have tried to model after these strategies. This week we will finish and publish our second personal narrative. We will then begin working deep on revising and editing practice.


  • I before e TEST Friday, October 23rd

Social Studies

We’ve been learning about the native Americans of Texas and how they lived long ago. This week we’ll begin to discuss colonization and exploration of Texas and how that effected the native Americans that already lived here.

Major grade test on early Texas Wednesday, October 14how to study? Reread chapter 3 online and review the questions at the end of each lesson.

Important Dates

  • Monday, October 12th is a student holiday.
  • Field Trip: October 28th. More information to come next week!

Who wants 5 dojo points?!

Bring in a box of Kleenex/Tissues for the outclasses!
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Character Trait for the Month: Individuality

Discovering who you are meant to be so you can make a difference.

Big Idea Experience: Individuality

Library News!

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Dear Parents and Guardians,

At Austin Parkway Elementary we strive to provide the best experience possible for our students and their families. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline processes within our building. One of the processes that we are currently working on is that of early dismissal. The policy regarding early dismissal and checkout can be found in the Austin Parkway Elementary Student-Parent Handbook, on our website. Please see below for the excerpt.

In the case of an unforeseen event that causes a change in the way your child goes home please follow these steps.

  1. Send an email to Ms. Miller before 2:15 p.m., iris.miller@fortbendisd.com
  1. State in the email:
    1. Student’s name
    2. Teacher’s name
    3. Your name and relationship to student
    4. Your phone number for verification purposes
    5. Time of pickup (no dismissals after 2:45 p.m.)
    6. Reason for last minute change