Aztec Group Inc

Aztec Group Inc Florida Tokyo Japan Hong Kong Real Estate Investments Review: The Premiere Banking Firm in the Real Estate Industry

The past and still ongoing global economic crisis has brought to the forefront the importance of real estate in providing the foundation for growth as well as decay in the human environment. Being an industry that utilizes land as the basic commodity and source of value, aside from the appurtenant physical or civil works development that is created, real estate establishes a great resource for financial and economic opportunities for many people.

Yet, land alone does not have intrinsic value for the prospective developer. One needs the capital to invest in assuring the maximization of the value the land can produce. Enter Aztec Group which has provided the means to achieving that economic goal.

With its simple and unassuming blog design and layout, one can glean how focused and committed Aztec Group is to the essential task they have set out to do: providing comprehensive real estate investment banking service.

Founded by Ezra Katz in 1981, Aztec specializes in "facilitating the acquisition, disposition, financing and capital needs of real estate projects for institutional investors, entrepreneurs and commercial developers as well as offshore clients".

Considered for a long time in the industry as the leading real estate capital markets intermediary and banking firm in the southeast of the U.S., Aztec has more than $10 billion worth of business transactions within the past twenty years.

Delivering productive solutions to real estate clients for three decades now, Aztec Group has gained the reputation for its professional knowhow in the following areas:

· Property acquisition and disposition

· Conventional brokerage

· Primary and mezzanine debt-sourcing

· Equity sourcing

· Debt re-financing

· Arranging joint-venture partnerships

Among the clients that Aztec Group has developed during its long existence are developers, respected investors, entrepreneurs, operators and financial institutions, whether national and international. Armed with its multiple-disciplinary approach in dealing with most types of properties all over the United States, Aztec has delivered a comprehensive approach to finding specialized solutions to various real estate needs.

Moreover, Aztec's expert group of real estate professionals keeps in step with the latest developments within local and regional markets to maintain an up-to-date grasp of the dynamic forces and events within the real estate industry. Only through this can Aztec assure its clients that nothing is left to chance and that all decisions and recommendations are based on due diligence and well-researched evaluation.