Hanging with my People!

"At school, chill-in, hanging with best friends!"

Lunch with Teacher! Eating on the Couch!

Omg! Who doesn't want to eat lunch with the teacher on the couch.

How to get lunch with teacher: First, make sure you be respectful and please do not talk while the teacher is talking. Maybe, if Mrs. Isaak can see you be nice, quiet, and respectful, you can maybe earn group points. Second, do NOT shout out. It is very disrespectful. If you have the most group points on friday, you might just win the lunch with teacher! That's one way to have fun with friends.

Recess with the Cool Kids

All about taking a little break time from class! Recess! Talk, play, and run with the friends closest to you. Maybe play tag with classmates or walk around talking to friends. Eat snacks and go to the bathroom so, you won't waste your time learning in class. Everyone of us is a cool kid!

Class Parties! Can I get a, "Whoop Whoop"!

Who wants to party all school day! Well, I do! Another way to hang with your friends is a class party. Maybe you can have a Valentine's Day Party, Winter Break Party, or even an End of The Year Party. Mrs. Isaak can probraly set up a PHOTO BOOTH! You can eat, talk, and maybe even dance. Just have a great time and enjoy chill-in with friends!

Field Trips! Oh Yeah!

The last way to have fun with friends is your field trips. In Mrs. Isaak's class, you are able to pick who you want to be with. You can have fun taking pic's at the trip or maybe even learn about things. You can tell your friends, "Hey, look at this shark", and I swear that you will get them excited. Just on your trip make sure you put it in your memory box.

By: Monica Roqueta