Night Of The Twisters

By Ivy Ruckman


Dan, Arthur, Dan's mom, Dan's dad, Ryan, Stacy, Aunt Goldie and Mrs. Smiley


The setting of the story is Grand Island, Nebraska.

Produces wheat, corn and soybeans.

There where 7 tornadoes in Grand Island.

Omaha zoo is in Grand Island.


A twister hit Grand Island but Dan, Arthur and Ryan were hiding in the basement.

After the tornado they found Stacy then they found Dan's mom. After that they found Mrs. Smiley. Then they got to a police station after that they went to Kmart but Dan's mom but she wasn't their but they found her. After a year things were back to normal.

Problem and Solution

1. Seven twisters hit Grand island. They rebuilt the town.

2. Dan's house was destroyed. He moved to the farm.