West Texas Deaf Olympics

We made it!

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A huge, thunderous applause for everyone who helped make this event possible, from the sponsors--we had many-- to the student volunteers, to the parents, to the teachers and interpreters, nurses, staff, and to all the community folks on the field. It took the work of a village to get things set up, from the events, to lunch, to awards, to equipment, to registration, and many, many more behind the scenes. Thank you for all your support throughout the day. CONGRATULATIONS, WE DID IT!

May ?, 2016

Please fill out the survey below, and help us choose the date for next year. STAAR testing for various grades is currently slated to take place May 2-12, 2016. We would like to include as many students as we can and still be cognizant of the rigorous academic testing required. See survey below.