Slogan: No More Poor


With all the poverty and worry in the world, not everyone is equal economically or socially. In our utopia, , those who would normally not be provided with the basic necessities of life would be taken care of. Every member of society would have at least a small house or living shelter, clean water, and nourishing food. However, our goal is not suppress people, but rather to provide them with a platform to help them go further in their lives.

Reason for Existence (4a)

Our utopia exists as a result of poverty and oppression in the world. Poverty continues to persist as an enemy of equality and progression. Still today, poverty causes hunger, sickness, and much more. It has been a part of our world for ages, and our utopia intends to eradicate it. We believe that without the hindrance of poverty and oppression, the world can progress fully. When poverty is gone, so are many other complications of the word.

Community Members (4b)

In our utopia, anyone and everyone is welcome. As poverty can affect anyone at any time, we feel it is necessary to always keep our doors open. However, by its nature, our utopia specifically targets those who feel pressured and destroyed by the effects of poverty. Those who are unable to provide for themselves will be especially drawn to our society, as the economic pressures will be removed from their shoulders. While mostly those less fortunate would be attracted to our community, those who are rather fortunate might be drawn as well, because of the fact that they will be able to flourish even more than they have already.

American Dreams and Novels (4c)

Our utopia achieves some aspect of the American Dream by ensuring every citizen is taken care of. It provides every civilian with the chance to climb higher on the ladder of life. Similar to the American Dream, which states that every person should be provided with the opportunity to achieve the highest possible status and situation, our utopia attempts to provide that platform to our members. Members will not be hindered by the pressures of having to provide for themselves and others, as this will be taken care of. Without social and economic pressures, people are able to grow and blossom into a successful being, rather than being held back by their status or situation.

Comparison to Fahrenheit 451 (4d)

Necessaria is different from the dystopia in Fahrenheit 451 because that society was all about entertainment and getting lost in technology, while our society is more focused on providing living essentials for all and ending poverty. The “Intellectual will be viewed as higher up on the social ladder. They will be the ones who might think of the society as a dystopia. Some issues that took place in Fahrenheit 451 were things such as being technology obsessed, being unsocial, and not wanting to interact with the real world. The citizens of that dystopia were trapped in their advances of technology and were not able to appreciate reality in present time. People walked around not knowing and not caring what was happening on the earth at that moment; all they cared about was their next television program that they wanted to watch. In our society, we value the need for life, and therefore provide the basic essentials for all to enjoy in order to give everyone a fair opportunity of living comfortably without poverty.

Disclaimer (5a-e)

Although this society in which we have created seems flawless, there are some potential problems that could arise when people live in it. One potential problem for our society is that people would still feel unequal with each other, even though everyone would have the basic necessities. Some people would still be left with very little in comparison to people who thrive in their jobs, family, and endeavors. Also, people could start to feel oppressed because of the sense of being unequal in their society. Some citizens could be left with wanting more in their lives. These problems will be addressed by the government through trying to make living situations and food be more equal between social classes. Drawbacks to living in Necessaria are that people aren't looked at as being equals, as well as conflict breaking out between social classes. If a person wants to leave, they will be faced with poverty and the disadvantage of not having basic survival resources, and therefore would most likely not want to leave. This is considered a dystopia by those who feel people should have to earn their own necessities. They think it is unfair that people are handed shelter, food, and water when others have to work hard for it and earn it.

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