Soviet Devonte

The best country in the world. Soon to be the only.


Soviet Devonte is communism country. Everyone would get paid equally.

The Facts

In Soviet Devonte everyone would have to use Devonte dollars. One Devonte dollar is 10 USD. Dictator um I mean PRESIDENT Devonte is in charge of all the laws. Everyone is paid equally but will be taxed 200% of you initial income.
What Is Communism?


Most of the complaints that we hear are that

1. The government is in control of everything

2. We do not allow individuality

3. It is hard to control

But in fact,the government doesn't control everything, Devonte does. We, sometimes, allow individuality. And it is not that hard to control.

The land that is in green will soon become Soviet Devonte

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Soviet Devonte will be the best country in the world because it will be the ONLY county in the world. So you will be forced to live in Soviet Devonte.