Titan Talk - Welcome Back to School

August 5th, 2018

Upcoming Dates in August...

  • 8/10 - SGC Meeting @ 7:45 am Not Open for Public Comment (Teachers Lunchroom)
  • 8/15 - Katha Stuart Mtg @ 9:30 am (HSES)
  • 8/16 - Spirit Night @ Moe’s BBQ
  • 8/17 - Interact Interest Mtg @ 8 am (E-114)
  • 8/22 - Jr. Beta Mtg @ 8 am (Media Center)
  • 8/30 - FCA Club @ 7:45 am (Media Center)
  • 8/30 - Student Council @ 8 am (E-106)
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Message From the Principal

Welcome Back, Titans!

Tomorrow, on August 6th the doors will open at 8:05 am and we will be welcoming our Titans back for the 2018-2019 school year! The building is freshly painted and our teachers have set up their classrooms. We are ready for the greatest year yet!

If you were out in your neighborhood on Friday afternoon, we hope your family enjoyed our bus pep rally! Our teachers and staff had so much fun on our community connection bus tour. It was exciting to see our students in their neighborhoods and we even stopped at our local Walmart to see if we could catch our families in the school supply aisle! The Back-to-School spirit overcame us and we flash-mobbed the Cha-Cha-Slide in Walmart!

Here are a few things to note for the first day of school: Every student has a full schedule but we are aware of some additional class changes and are working hard to make corrections. If you filled out a class change form during the open house there is no need to call or email, we got you! All changes should be corrected no later than Wednesday and all students should be in place by then.

Newly printed schedules will be handed out in each first-period class. The new schedules will be printed on colored paper so students may distinguish new from old. Lists of first-period teachers will be posted in the gym, cafeteria, and rotunda for students to find their first-period teacher. Please ask your child to check the list, even if they have a schedule from the open house. If you missed Infomation Day, please send $15 to pay the locker fee and for an agenda. The locker and agenda will be issued through your child's first-period teacher.

At 8:35 am, all students will be released down the hall. This year 6th grade and 7th grade will wait in the gym until they are released. The 8th grade will wait in the cafeteria until they are released. The cafeteria will serve all grades breakfast in the mornings. The 8:35 am bell releases all students to their lockers. The warning bell rings at 8:49 am. All students are expected to be in the classroom when the 8:50 am bell rings. The Titan Morning News will begin precisely at 8:50 am and will include an announcement from the Administration at the end of each broadcast.

We are excited to see our students! Please have your kids back to school on time and let’s do this first day of school right!


Kindra L. Smith, Ed.S


Elkins Pointe Middle School

Home of the Titans!


Hooray for Camp Titan Up!

Our 6th graders had a blast at Camp Titan Up while our parents got a warm and cozy greeting at the Fireside Chat. If you want S'more info about the Middle School 101 reach out to Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles or click the title to open the presentation.

8th-grade WEB Leaders will be ready & waiting to greet all the 6th graders on the first day of school! They will be in their red Camp Titan Up shirts, cheering, escorting, helping to carry supplies, and open lockers!

(Pictured below: Top left going clockwise - AP Nancy Lahey, AP Ayo Richardson, Principal Smith, and AP Ida Ward)

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The Wheels on the Buss Go Round and Round...

Our teachers and staff took a 2-hour bus ride around the neighborhoods last Friday because we were so excited about the first day of school. We even went to Walmart to celebrate Back-to-School supply shopping! Our two busloads of teachers broke out into a Flash Mob and danced to the Cha-Cha Slide! Everybody Clap Your Hands!
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Meet the Admin 5!

We are excited to announce our new Administration Line-up!

  • Principal Kindra Smith
  • Assistant Principal Ida Ward (7th & Curriculum)
  • Assistant Principal Nancy Lahey (6th & TItle I)
  • Assistant Principal Ayo Richardson (8th & Testing)
  • Administrator Rawlings Emory Johnson (TOTY 2018-2019)

Where did you go on your Summer Vacation?

Johnson Sensei and Elkins Pointe Japanese students traveled to Japan. Click on the ABOVE box (entitled EPMS Japan Trip 2018) to see pictures of their journey. You will also see profe Crowe and profe Mejia, our Spanish teachers! The EPMS Wold Language Department crosses the continents with each other to bring our kids experiences they will never forget.
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If you did not make it to Information Day...

  • Please send in $15 to pay for the agenda and the locker fee.
  • The list of first-period teachers for each student will be posted at the front of the school.
  • Newly printed schedules on colored paper will be issued to every student in first-period.


8th Grade FASTPASS Carpool

8th-grade FASTPASSES will be given out in the FASTPASS lane in the Employee Parking Lot at Dismissal. If you are an 8th-grade parent, please arrive between by 3:45 pm to line-up in the Employee Lot.

IMPORTANT: The Employee Lot should be used for PICK UP ONLY. Parents using the Employee Lot for morning drop off will not be allowed to use FASTPASS at dismissal and will have their privileges revoked.

For more information on 8th-grade FASTPASS, click HERE.

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Carpool Safety

For the safety of ALL students, we ask that parents follow the rules.

  • All morning car-riders must be dropped off using the carpool lane.
  • No morning drop-offs in the bus lanes, bus parking lot, the Hembree Parking lot or the Employee parking lot
  • 6th-grade and 7th-grade parents must use designated carpool entrance and exit for morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up
  • 8th-grade parents may use their FASTPASS to pick up at afternoon dismissal in the Employee Lot (For Dismissal ONLY). 8th-grade parents should have their 8th-grader, along with siblings/carpool riders meet just outside of the Connections Hall doors.

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Click HERE to see the full Dress Code Discipline Cycle.

• No athletic-fit running shorts (pictured, i.e. Nike dry-fit with 3-inch inseams mesh side panels). Note: Running shorts or athletic shorts are not OK for either gender if they are NOT longer than finger-tip length. The boys' athletic shorts that come practically to their knees are perfectly fine. Athletic shorts (boys or girls) or any shorts MUST be longer than finger-tip length. It is the length of the shorts, not the style.

• No leggings to be worn under shorts (i.e. athletic shorts). Note: Leggings are permitted ONLY if worn with a shirt/top longer than finger-tipped length, but never under short-shorts.

• No short-shorts or too-short dresses/skirts. Dresses and shorts must NOT be shorter than 3" inches above the kneecap. "Short" shorts are not permitted. All shorts must be past fingertip length.

• No exposed undergarments.

• No tops with straps measuring less than 3 inches. Straps must be at least 3 inches wide (i.e. three fingers or the size of a 3x5 index card). No spaghetti straps permitted.

No clothing that is too revealing. For example, exposed mid-drifts or form-fitting. (Belly-shirts, tube tops, leggings without proper coverage) or sheer/see-thru fabrics, i.e. netting.

• No off-the-shoulder shirts. Both shoulders must be fully covered.

• No pajamas, slippers, or sleepwear.

• No fleece blankets (i.e. worn as winter coats).

• No hoods to be worn in the school. Hoodie sweatshirts are permitted, but the hood cannot be worn in school. Hood must remain off and students wearing hoods up will be asked to remove the hood or the garment.

• No jeans or pants with holes.

• No pants that sag below the waist. When wearing jeans, no shirts longer than back pockets. Jeans that are too big require a belt.

• No bandanas (of any color). Bandanas are NOT permitted on neck, wrist, ankle, head, or tied to backpacks.

• No ear-buds/earphones to be worn in the hallway or the classroom. Note: Noise reducing earphones are permitted for students with 504/IEP.

• No hats. NOTE: Head garments which are worn for religious reasons are exempt.

Morning Clubs

Interact Club - 8/17

Interact Club will host an Interest Meeting on Aug. 17th @ 8 am in Rm# E-114 on every other Friday. All students are invited to attend!

  • Teacher Chair: Mrs. Streeter
  • Location: E-114

Meeting Exceptions: Clubs will NOT meet during Georgia Milestones when conflicting with another event, NO SCHOOL/SCHOOL CLOSED, or when announced by the chair.

Jr. Beta - 8/22

The first Jr. Beta Club starts Aug. 22 @ 8 am in the Media Center Jr. Beta meetings are second & fourth Wednesdays.
  • Chair: Ms. Micheaux White
  • Location: Media Center, unless there is a conflict in the Media Center in which the meeting will relocate to Ms. White's classroom.

Meeting Exceptions: Clubs will NOT meet during Georgia Milestones when conflicting with another event, NO SCHOOL/SCHOOL CLOSED, or when announced by the chair.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) - 8/30 @ 7:45 am

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) will start on Aug. 30th @ 7:45 am and meet on Thursdays.
  • Chair: Mr. Billups
  • Location: Media Center, unless there is a conflict in which the meeting will relocate.

Meeting Exceptions: Clubs will NOT meet during Georgia Milestones when conflicting with another event, NO SCHOOL/SCHOOL CLOSED, or when announced by the chair.

Student Council - 8/30 @ 8 am (Room E-106)

The first Student Council meeting will be on August 30th. All students from ALL GRADES are invited to participate in Student Council. The Student Council is seeking students from 6th-grade, 7th-grade, and 8th-grade to be involved in our school. Student Council is composed of elected and non-elected students. Please come and be part of our school's voice!

Chair: Mrs. Malikah Williams

Location: E-106

Student Council starts on Aug. 30th at 8 am in Rm# E-106 and will meet on the first and third Thursday of each month.

Exceptions: Clubs will NOT meet during Georgia Milestones, or when conflicting with another event, NO SCHOOL/SCHOOL CLOSED, or when announced by the chair.

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Be a Volunteer!

Stay tuned for volunteer opportunities in the school! Here are a few opportunities coming soon...

  • 1-to-1 Device Deployment
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Classroom Reading Helper
  • Copy Team
  • GNETS/GHALL Filing & Paperwork
  • Media Center Book Fair
  • School Store
  • Teacher Workroom & Bookroom Clean Up

If you have an interest in any of these opportunities, please email Lisa O'Hanlon Cowles.

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How to Join & Donate?

1) Donate and join online at the EPMS PTSA website: http://elkinspointe.my-pta.org/

2) Mail a check to:

Elkins Pointe PTSA Treasurer

11290 Elkins Road

Roswell, GA 30076

3) Visit the PTSA tables during Curriculum Night. PTSA accepts cash, checks and credit cards

Did you know?

  • Elkins Pointe PTSA is a 501(c)(3) organization, which means all donations are tax deductible.
  • You do not need to be a PTSA member to donate to the Enrichment Fund.
  • You can donate to the Elkins Pointe PTSA through your company’s annual giving campaign, including recurring payroll deductions.
  • Many companies match contributions to 501(c)(3) organizations.
  • Grandparents can join too! The National PTA offers a 15% discount to AARP.
  • We can help answer questions. Email us at membership@elkinspointeptsa.org