Summer School?

Emily Moran

Really so what I am hearing is that you don't want to have fun in the summer? By now I would think that. So many schools around the country have extended their school year. The National Center of Time and Learning stated that " 1002 schools have extended their school year" ( Zissou,2013), and I am against that. Nobody should have their summer ruined: just so you can learn more in one year.
I think it will be better if we don't have year round school. Maybe not even 9 months. All the way over in Japan and Finland they say that their kids do better in school than the United States kids do in school ( Rebecca Zissou, 2013). The reason for this is that they spend less time in school. The kids may not learn more in a year but with less stress, and a shorter year their grades could go way up. With the new Common Core year round school is not needed. We could learn things in 6th grade, that without the Common Core, that we would learn in 7th grade. Then just imagine how expensive it would be to add days to your year.
My second reason is that having the school open all year could be a costly problem. If the school stays open all year they will have to pay more taxes and bills. It could cost up to 1300 dollars more per student( Burshehevskaya Anna, 1998). Some schools just can't afford to pay all their staff all year. Staff such as teachers, janitors, conslers, principal, cooks, nurse, aids, ect. they all will need more of a pay. All ready in the winter they have to pay a heating bill. Then in the summer a air conditioning bill. Soon after a year or two the school might need to shut down. Some from taxes others from supporting kids lunches and school supplies.
My third reason is how it effect your fitness and health. Year round school will result in less outdoor time. According to doctors you need so much fresh air to stay healthy. Being in a class room is not outside with fresh air, big difference. Being in school over that summer period could also take away from summer activities and sports. Such as soccer, swimming, biking, hiking, running, also reading any book long or short ( only there won't be a log ). Many families like to go on vacation and camping in the summer, just so that the kids don't miss school.
Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to have year round school? First off you could get longer breaks. Like on Thanksgiving , Christmas, and Easter. Some statistics show that it will help kids be more prepared for collage. Also high school and standardized tests should be easier. Lots of states have extended their school year. Some of these stars are Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Tennessee all added at least 300 hours to their school year. But who needs longer holiday breaks? Also just because other states are doing it does not mean we have to do it also.
I believe that it is just cruel to ruin a kids summer: just so they can be in school. It will be better if we stick to a 9 month year. Maybe even less than 9 months. Also it could be a costly problem. Another thing is that it could effect your fitness. Everyone could help by writing a letter to the school.


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