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· The PMP stands for Project Management Professional offered by PMI (Project Management Institute). This certification is globally recognized.

· PMI is an organization that was created in the year 1969 and works towards the growth and development in the area of P.M. The PMP exam began in the year 1984 & you know the project planning might take 50% of the project in real time scenario.

· Certification is valid for 3 years and renewed by fulfilling continuous education requirements.

· PMBOK (5th edition) means project management body of knowledge is the bible for the PMP exam which consists of project management standards, norms, methods, processes & best practices.

· The PMBOK guide is revised every 4 years. The current version is revised in the year 2013.

· The guide contains 42 project management processes. Out of 42, 5 process groups (logical grouping) & 9 knowledge areas (specialization areas).

· The process groups are: % Questions No. of Tests

1. Initiating 11% 22

2. Planning 23% 46

3. Executing 27% 54

4. Monitoring & Controlling 21% 42

5. Closing 9% 18

6. Professional Responsibility 9% 18

TOTAL 100% 200

· The Knowledge areas are:

1. Project Cost Management Online PMP Training

2. Project Communications Management

3. Project Human Resource Management

4. Project Integration Management

5. Project Procurements Management

6. Project Quality Management

7. Project Risk Management

8. Project Scope Management

9. Project Time Management

· Eligibility Criteria: 4-Year Degree OR Diploma

4-Year Degree


PM Exp.: (3 yrs/ 36 months/ 4500 hrs)

PM Exp.: (5 yrs/ 60 months/ 7500 hrs)

Unique / Non-Overlapping

Unique / Non-Overlapping

PM Education: 35 Contact Hours

PM Education: 35 Contact Hours

· Required Preparation:

1. PMI REP’s

2. PMI Chapters

3. Employer/Company-sponsored programs

4. Training companies or consultants (Eg. BrainBok)

5. Distance learning programs

6. University/College academic programs

· Application Process:

1. Submit the application (90 days to complete the application)

2. Application review by PMI (5 business days)

3. Exam fees payment (Before scheduling the exam)

4. Audit (About 10% applications selected at random)

5. Schedule and take exam (Within 1-Year of application approval)

· Application Audit:

1. About 10% applications are randomly selected for audit.

2. PMI sends audit notification via email after the exam fee is paid.

3. 1-Year application eligibility clock stops when audit begins and resumes when the audit completes.

4. Must be completed within 60 days.

5. Download the audit package from PMI’s online certification system.

6. Print and fill up the documents.

7. Experience verification forms (Original)

· One for each project.

· Duly signed in writing by the respective supervisor/ manager.

· Enclosed in an envelope cross-signed by the respective supervisor/ manager.

7. Attachments:

· Diploma/ Degree certificate (copy)

· 35 contact hours certificate (copy)

8. Send the package back to PMI through postal mail/ courier.

9. If you fail the audit then application fee of -100$ is refunded and suspension for a year.

10. Exam Fees for PMI members & Non-PMI members:

PMI Members

Non PMI Members



$129 (annual membership)

$375 (Re-exam fee)

$534 (total $21 saving)

$275 (Re-exam fee)

· PMI Membership:

1. Membership price $119 annually (plus $10 application fee)

2. Benefits: Savings in exam fee ($21), Free electronic copy of the PMBOK Guide 4th edition, access to books 24x7, access to PM network magazine, newsletters and other PMI publications, discounts on books, recommended (yes), best time to apply at the start of the preparation.

· Exam Format:

1. Computer based or Paper based Online PMP Training

2. 200 questions (multiple choice)

3. Out of 200 questions (175- questions scored, 25- pretest questions (not scored))

4. Duration is 4-hours (no official break)

5. ~61% (guesstimate/ not official) is the passing score

6. Based on PMBOK guide

7. Test competency and knowledge

8. Some formula based questions require use of calculator

9. Difficulty- Medium to High

10. Administered by Prometric

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