By: Haley Castillo

Press Forward

What does perseverance mean? Perseverance means the continued effort to achieve something despite difficulties, failures, and oppositions. Well known people and famous athletes will be talked about in this article because these people have definitely shown Perseverance in their life. This newsletter will talk about people persevering through adversities.

Kate Foster VS Kerri Strug

The Battle with Cancer:

Anthony Rizzo is a Baseball player for the Chicago Cubs. Anthony Rizzo is a great baseball player. He has been traded between many teams because he is such a good player when he comes up to bat. Anthony is a first baseman. Not long after Rizzo signed he was getting pains in his legs, so he went to the doctor.In April 2008 his doctor diagnosed him with cancer. The second him and his parents found out they were blown away and upset. Rizzo went through therapy for 6 months. He persevered through having cancer. He had to wait a long time until he finally got good news. On November 18 2012 he was told that he could live a normal life. A lesson that you could get from what he went through would be: You will have obstacles in life but you can most definitely overcome them.
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Olympics 2012:

Derek Redmond was trying out for the Olympic track team in Barcelona. He had won MANY races for different sprints. In the middle of the tryouts he was in first place when something happened. He tore his hamstring in the middle of the tryouts in the middle of his race. This caused himself to fall down to the ground in pain and for him to lose the race. Derek didn't want to give up in the race so his father helped him finish. It was so amazing because the whole world learned that through tough things we need to get over those tough obstacles.


-Derek Redmond By: Necessity4failure

-Anthony Rizzo's triumph over cancer

-Kate Foster (video) By: Good Morning America

-Kerri Strug (video)