The World of Garden Chairs

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A Sneak-Peek to the World of Garden Chairs

Winters are finally here. Are sunny days and bright blue skies luring you outside? Why not buy some furniture for your garden and start lounging out there. There are various types of garden furniture available. While some are useful and a few are ornamental, others serve both purposes. Choosing the best furniture for your garden should be done after considering how much time you will spend in your garden.

Ideally, garden chairs should serve fun as well as functional purpose. The first step involves determining a garden seating plan and selecting the best furniture material. One should focus on purchasing durable and stylish chairs as they would usually be kept outside.

If you just want to enjoy sunshine and have a quiet cup of tea, you should probably go for folding garden chairs. But, if you are planning to host your wedding or reception in your backyard, you should buy wedding chairs. Meanwhile, plastic or metal chairs can be used for both the occasions. Let's have a look at the details:

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Types of Garden Chairs

Teak – As teak is the most weather-resistant wood in the world, it can be termed as a good garden furniture material. They are stylish, durable and one of the most expensive chairs in the world.

Adirondack -Named after the Adirondack Mountains, these chairs are made from standard, milled lumber. They provide straight-backed sitting for more comfort.

Twig-Twig chairs are usually made of logs. They are stylish, sophisticated and classy.

Rustic-Rustic garden chairs are quite similar to twig chair, but have some features of Adirondack chairs too.

Canvas - Canvas are used for making sling-back chairs and hammocks. Although, they are water resistant, it is advisable to store them away during winters to increase their life.

Wicker - Made from all-natural materials, wicker chairs are lightweight and easy to move and maintain.

Metal – Metal chairs are comfortable and durable but not portable. Iron scrollwork chairs are usually bolted into a concrete base.

Rattan - Made from the long slender stem like palm, Rattan chairs have exceptional durability with excellent comfort.

Plastic - Plastic garden chairs are portable, inexpensive and waterproof. As they are light and easy to stack, they can be stored if not in use.

Resin - Made from chemicals and additives, Resin chairs are durable, portable and more attractive than plastic furniture.

Folding - Folding Garden Chairs can be stacked and stored when not in use. They are light in weight and come in various styles like plastic and iron.

In The End

There are various websites from where you can buy wedding chairs and folding garden chairs. However, it is always advisable to read the seller’s shipment and returns policy before placing an order.

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