Decade of Scandals

Presidents of the U.S.

World Leaders

Key Laws Passed

Occupational Safety and Health Act: OSHA

This act was enacted to create the Occupational Health and Safety Administration to enforce workplace labor laws to prevent injuries and deaths.

Three Acts Created by Natural Resource Defense Council

These three acts all deal with problems that affect nature from pollution.

A link below will give more information on each of these.

Supreme Court Decisions

Roe vs. Wade

This controversial case happened in 1973. This case discussed abortion and right to privacy for women. The decision was the Texas Law, illegal to abort unless to save women's life, violated personal liberty and privacy. It became legal to have abortions.

United States vs. Nixon

This case deals with the Watergate Scandal. The Supreme Court wanted President Nixon to release the recorded meetings from his office. Eventually Nixon released the full tapes, not the shortened versions.

Wars Fought

Vietnam War

United States entered this conflict to stop the spread of Communism. The war ended in 1975.

Yom Kippur War and the Energy Crisis

This conflict happened between Egypt and Israel. Egypt attacked Israel on a holy day, causing many causalities. They settled their differences at Camp David, with President Carter brokering the deal. President Nixon supported Israel which caused the Energy Crisis. The organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Counties set an embargo on oil shipments to the U.S. and the Netherlands. This caused the price of oil to increase, originally $3 to $12 for a barrel, and Japanese cars became more popular.

Technological Change

This decade showed a very large improvement in inventions. One of the big changes in technology was the use of NASA and what they sent into the atmosphere. NASA launched multiple different space probes to explore the outer space such as Pioneer 10. A list below shows some new inventions in this decade:

  • Home VCR-March 30, 1970
  • Genetic Engineering- February 12, 1973
  • MRI Scanner- December 25 1977
  • Cell Phone- June 12, 1979

Standard of Living


The fashion of the 1970s were bellbottoms, Earth shoes, clogs, knits and denims and eyeglasses. The fads of this decade were Pet Rock's, Rubik's Cube, mood rings, Lava lamps and smiley faces. Teen life was greatly impacted by fads and celebrities and disco, and they did a lot of experimentation.



Music in this decade was shown multiple different types of new music. A new type of music was southern rock by ZZ Top, and black metal and doom metal by the debut of Black Sabbath. In addition this decade had multiple deaths of rock musicians at young ages, such as Jimmi Hendrix- 28, Janis Joplin-27, Jim Morrison-27. This decade always is a large influx of Rock n' Roll bands, such as T-Rex, Kiss, Wild Cherry. The list below is the top songs heard throughout this decade:

  • Bang a Gong (Get it On)- T-Rex
  • Kung Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas
  • Low Rider- War
  • Sweet Home Alabama- Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • Margaritaville- Jimmy Buffet

This list shows that there was multiple different popular type of music such as Rock, Country, and Disco.


Movies and TV

The following pictures show the top three movies and TV shows from IMDb.


Watergate Scandal

This scandal began on June 17, 1972 when five burglars were arrested for breaking and entering the Democratic National Committee, located in the Watergate building. This resulted in Nixon trying to keep it secret in which he paid hush none, destroyed evidence and tried to stop the FBI from investigating. This event caused President Richard Nixon to resign in August of 1974.

Hostage Situation in Tehran

This event happened on November 4,1979 when Iranian students overran the US Embassy and took more than 60 Americans hostage. These hostages were held for 444 days, and were released the day after Ronald Reagan became President. President Carter had tried to solve this issue by politics and force, a failed rescue attempt, but did not accomplish anything.