Tharin Cook

English 2

My likes and Hobbies

All the hobbies I do in school in school are sports and FFA. All the sports I do are basketball, football and track. I also do FFA and this year we are planning on going to contests and conventions. Out of all the sports I do basketball is my favorite.
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Things you need to know

I work the best condition I work in is when I listen to music. I also work good on like cold weather because I cant work very well when it is hot inside. I also work good when I have space, I cant work very well when someone is right next to me making noises.

How to get ahold of my family

How to get ahold of my family is probably by text or email. My moms personal email that you can send stuff to her is Her number is 620-960-5182. She is always on her email because she works on computers all day so if you contact her by email she will respond.