Battles of the Texas Revolution

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Battle of Gonzales

Difference between Texas & Mexico progressed from talking stage to the shooting stage. Leading up to the conflict, the Mexican authorities sent a force of about 100 men to use a canon that had been provided the resident of Gonzales for defense against Indians.

Battle of San Jacinto

On April 21, 1836, the Texas militia under Sam Houston launched a surprise attack the forces of Mexican General Santa Anna. This battle took place in present day Houston. In exchange for Santa Anna's freedom, he signed a treaty recognizing Texas Independence.

Battle of Nacogdoches

This battle is sometimes called the opening gun of the Texas Revolution. On August 2, 1832.

Siege of Bexar

On December of 1835, San Antonio de Bexar was under the control of the Mexican General. Only 4 men wer killed and 15 were wounded in this sad battle.

Battle of Velasco

Is marked as the first bloodshed . In the confict, Domingo de Ugartechea, the Mexican commander in charge of a fort, attempted to transport a cannon for possible use against Mexican forces nearby Anahuac

Battle of Concepicion

Occurred on October 28, 1835, this battle is called the opening engagement in the Seige of Bexar. Was the first major armed conflict of the Texas Revolution. Lead by James Fannin & Jim Bowie.