Jane Ball Happenings

September 19 - September 23

Shout Outs

Huge shout out to Christine and Trista for an amazing assembly on Dot Day! I appreciate the initiative they took to make this happen! Great message to our students! Well done!

Please read your S'more:)

Please make sure you refer to your weekly S'more for important information and updates. I update the monthly PD google calendar but due to last minute case conferences and schedules sometimes things need to be changed. All final updates will be on the weekly S'more.

If you need information to go out to the staff and you want it included in the weekly s'more simply email me by Friday. This would include any internet articles you think would be helpful for all of us!

Thank you!

Teacher Evaluation Update

Sign Ups

I will be sending out a google doc this week to sign up for your first planned observation. You will need to sign up for the observation and your post observation meeting. I will start going into classrooms for unannounced observations/ walkthroughs as well. ALL SIGN ups need to be done by Wednesday Sept. 28th by google doc. If you need to change your time you will need to go through Lori to check my schedule. Remember you will need to supply me the pre-observation form before I observe. If you need help filling out this form or any other questions please set up an appointment with me. New teachers and returning, I will be setting up an afterschool SFS review session next week after school. I will also be setting up grade level meetings to go over the new data component known as IGM. If you have immediate questions you can send me an email or contact your school evaluation committee representatives, Cynthia, Caryn and Dawn.

Special Education and 504 Reminders

Please let Deb know if you do not have an IEP or 504 for any identified students in your classroom. This includes all teaching personnel.

Also if you are concerned about services and implementation of services you need to let me know immediately so I can address. We have had many new students on IEPs.

What's Happening the Week!

Monday Sept 19

8:00 GCN time

9:00 Crisis Go run through

Mid Tem Ends

Tuesday Sept. 20

8:00 Climate

10:30 Meeting with Recess Aides

Input Grades

Wednesday Sept. 21

8:00 Team Meetings

Print Deficiency Notices

3:30 Corporation Discussion

Thursday Sept. 22

8:00 Staff Meeting Library

Send HOME Deficiency notices

6:30 Public Forum with Supt. Taylor at Jane Ball

Friday Sept. 25

8:00 SIP Meeting in Conference room

Friday Night Live

Cafeteria lunch box Bins

As most of you may know we have had a huge bee issue on the playground. I went to recess with Steve Goff and we noticed that many of the bees were swarming around the lunch boxes. In an attempt to address this, we purchased bins to collect the lunch boxes to keep them inside. You may have someone bring them back down after lunch back to the cafeteria. Our staffing is limited but if you are having difficulty finding someone to bring back the bins (I would assume this to be our younger grades) and myself and Mrs. Donaldson will problem solve with you to determine a solution. We did notice right away that the number of bee issue to Nurse Chrissy immediately reduced. Any ideas are welcomed.


PE teacher update

We have a new PE teacher!!!

Ryan Bridges will be starting next Monday September 26th. He is a resident of Cedar Lake. Ryan is a former ED teacher for Hammond and has a degree in Physical Education. He was a baseball player for Purdue.

Lets give a special thanks to Jen Knezevic who has done an amazing job. We appreciate your hard work.