By: Lauren Brown

What is an anesthesiologist?

An anesthesiologist is a medical doctor that monitors a patient before, during, and after surgeries or medical procedures. They administer the appropriate amount of anesthesia, monitor vitals, watch for reactions and complications, and manage pain.

What are the requirements for becoming an anesthesiologist?

  • Graduate high school- While in high school, students should take classes that involve math and science.
  • Attend a four-year undergraduate program- Many students enroll in a pre-medical or science-concentrated programs in college.
  • Attend four years of medical school- Generally, students study basic sciences during the first two years and clinical training in the final two.
  • Complete a one year internship and three years in a residency program- Anesthesiologists will work to obtain a certificate from the American Society of Anesthesiologists or the American Board of Anesthesiology during their residency training.
  • One-year fellowship- Some anesthesiologists participate in a one-year fellowship if they want to specialize in a specific area of anesthesiology such as critical care medicine, pediatric anesthesia, cardiac anesthesia, neuroanesthesia, obstetric anesthesia, pain medicine, research, or education.