Loyalty to Friends

Freak the Mighty

Freak the Mighty

The titles describe the characters very well. Max is the 'Mighty' and Kevin is the 'Freak'. Kevin is very small and is also very smart. He sits on Max's shoulders. Then they became 'Freak the Mighty', and they would go on quests. "We're freak the mighty. We're nine feet tall in case you haven't noticed."(page 40) Together we're unstoppable.


Kevin and Max run into a problem. It was boy named Tony D. Kevin just moved back into the neighborhood. When they ran into Tony D, Kevin started to tell him off, using very big words. After the fireworks on the Fourth of July, they ran into Tony D again. They ran, and Kevin was on Max's shoulders, leading him in the right direction. They ran into a pond, but because they were so tall, they were able to avoid Tony D, and the police came, and Tony D and his gang vanished. This is related to the theme because Kevin leads him in, and tells him where to go, staying loyal to him.

"I never had a brain until Freak came along."

Without Kevin, Max was lost in his own world. Kevin and his mom left town around Kindergarden after an accident with Kevin's parents. They came back the summer before 7th grade, and they moved in right next to Kevin's grandparents, where Kevin had been staying for the past eight years. When Kevin wasn't there, Max stayed in his room, never coming out, but now that he's come back, they are out and about all the time. This relates to the theme because it shows how loyal Max is to Kevin because he goes out and does stuff with Freak.
Because they were so different, they were really good friends. They we're there for each other. Where one of them was weak, the other was strong. Because Freak was so short, Max would carry him on his shoulders. Also, Freak would tell Max where to go because he was smarter than Max. This relates to the theme because they are very loyal to each other, and they are always there for each other.