AHS Volleyball News

Houston we have a problem...

The Color Run

This morning I got an email from Ms. Brinkley saying that we would not be able to hold our Color Run event at AHS this coming Sunday. About a week or so ago, we got a call from the Assistant Town Planner for Middletown saying that we could not hold a Color Run unless we got special permission from the Department of Natural Resources in writing. I let Ms. Brinkley know immediately and she told Mr. Burrows and he put Bob Hershey on the case. I was told to sit tight and to wait everything out. We got a "Yes" to proceed and I let the girls know what had happened and we sent thank-you letters to Mr. Hershey and Mr. Burrows for their support of our event. Mr. Hershey worked EXTREMELY hard for us and despite his best efforts and acquiring everything requested, the town did not approve our event.

The town is concerned that the corn starch, which is the main component of our color dust, will contaminate the water in the storm drains

The timing of this concern and ruling is certainly not the best. Coach Loftus and I sat down and talked about it for a bit and throughout the day and could not come up with a solution. I tried calling other local parks in the area to see if we could move our event. I called My Uncle who used to be 2nd in command for DNR in Maryland for advice concerning containment of our pollutant. I spoke with a former student who lives on a lot of land after practice to see if we could move it there. I tried calling the coordinators for the Run or Dye event held in Dover a couple years ago and could not reach anyone. Loftus and I spoke to the girls during practice today and of course they were just as shocked, stunned, disappointed and frustrated as would be expected. I'm getting texts from girls (which is OK!!!) as I'm writing this and will look into those solutions tomorrow as well.

Did you know that your girls are pretty smart & full of ideas?

The girls had some suggestions about what to do instead, and a viable one so far has been a costume run. We would take pictures at the color stations instead of spraying individuals with color. Or maybe do something different? Hand out candy? Right now ideas and suggestions, as they always are as far as I'm concerned, are very welcome. Email me. Let me know what you're thinking. I'm serious. Call, text, whatever. I'll be up. You've seen when some of these come out right? 614-499-1696.