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Updated November 2022

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22-23 SOL Testing Notice for Parents & Students

VDOE cell phones/other electronic devices, unauthorized materials, & cheating policies for this school year.

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Vaccination Requirements

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21st Century Clubs

1st 9 Weeks Bingo!

Central Middle School is making every day count! CMS students who had no more than two excused absences in the 1st nine weeks were recently rewarded with BINGO! Students enjoyed some fun together and all students won a prize!

Fall Breakfast of Champions

Central Middle School recently hosted their Fall Breakfast of Champions. All faculty and staff nominated a student that represented a CMS champion. These students were chosen for various reasons such as being a positive role model, helping others, positive behavior, hardworking and many more. The nominees were served a delicious breakfast of fresh fruit and pastries. Each student was then awarded a certificate letting them know who secretly nominated them and for what reason. We are very proud of these students and their accomplishments. CMS will host another Breakfast of Champions in the spring.

Fundraiser Limo Ride & Pizza Lunch!

Online Book Fair Oct. 24-Nov. 6

October is Bullying Prevention Month

The month of October is National Bullying Prevention Month and we take bullying

prevention seriously at Central Middle School. Throughout the month our school counselor,

Miss Thompson, organized great activities to help bring awareness to this cause. During the

week of October 17 through October 24, CMS participated in a spirit week that included

activities to shed light on and encourage bullying prevention. During the spirit week,

students and staff participated in fun themed days. Monday was “Boots Day” to represent

stomping out bullying. Students and staff broke out their favorite boots to join the cause.

Tuesday was “Team Day” to represent that we are all on the same team when it comes to

preventing bullying. On this day, students and staff wore their favorite jerseys or sports team

apparel. Wednesday brought “Unity Day”, which was a day in which students and staff were

asked to wear orange to send a message of hope and support. Outrageous outfits from the

80s, 90s, and even early 2000s were seen on Thursday, for support of Throwback

Thursday. Finally, on Friday students and staff wore their favorite CMS Bobcat attire to

show school spirit and support for each other. At CMS Although everyone had a great time

during Spirit Week, the main goal was to bring awareness to and help put a stop to bullying.

As the school year continues to move forward, the students and staff at CMS are committed

to preventing bullying.

Spirit Wear Website

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Innovative Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mrs. Anne Hamilton!! Mrs. Hamilton received the August Innovative Teacher Award for Central Middle School. Mrs. Hamilton is the librarian for CMS and also teaches a discovery class daily. Recently, Mrs. Hamilton incorporated writing into her discovery plans by having her students write letters and address envelopes to an elementary teacher. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed this activity.

Student Recognition Committee

The Student Recognition Committee has been really busy this week recognizing our Student Athletes by decorating their lockers. Mrs. Shepherd, a member of the committee, stated that this was just the beginning of their plans to recognize the amazing accomplishments of the students at Central Middle School.

At Central Middle School, we celebrate the hard work and dedication of our student athletes. Students who participate in sports develop self-discipline, motivation, and leadership skills. We love seeing our Bobcats working hard and excelling in the classroom and on the field.

Please come cheer on your favorite Bobcat!

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(Pictured Back Row Left to Right) Evelyn Adams, Joy-Den Wilson, Jacob Hamilton

(Pictured Front Row Left to Right) Sydney Gayles, Wesley Lipscomb, Carter Ramey, Gerrit Ramey, Alec Broden, Dayna Hileman, Coach William Collins

(Not Pictured) Jayden Lambert

For the second straight year, the Central Middle School ACE Team won the Southside Middle School Conference ACE tournament. On November 16, at Powhatan Middle School, CMS won the championship over 3 other schools in the final-4 championship round. With 8 wins and only 1 loss, the Bobcats won first place for the most matches won. In addition, the team also won the championship trophy for most points over the course of the three-night event, with 1811 points. Mecklenburg Middle came in second, and Powhatan finished third.

ACE stands for Academic Challenge of Excellence. The matches are similar to Jeopardy, in which students from opposing teams try to out buzz each other, answering questions involving history, math, science, literature, and popular culture. Another unique feature to middle school ACE is that there is a 2-minute vocabulary round. In this round, students work in teams of 4, and have 2 minutes to determine the terms to 25 definitions. The only information they know ahead of time is that all the terms begin with the same letter. They are told the letter just before they start to work.

ACE competitions were hosted at Powhatan Middle School, twice in October and once in November. Only the top-4 teams in most points were allowed to return for the last night of the tournament, on Wednesday, November 16.

The CMS ACE team practiced about 3 times a week, for about an hour and 45 minutes a day. The team consisted of a few returning key 8th graders from last year’s championship team. There were also many new faces this year from 6th and 7th grade.

The amount of dedication and time put into the effort was impressive. Students loved to come to practice each day, where it was a lot of fun sharing time and building relationships with fellow-Bobcats. That enthusiasm translated over to intense pride in wanting to do their best on competition day. The team was very disciplined in how it understood how to play the game from a strategic level. There’s more to ACE than just pushing the button on the buzzer.

Players on the team were:

Gerrit Ramey

Carter Ramey

Dayna Hileman

Joy-Den Wilson

Alec Broden

Evelyn Adams

Jayden Lambert

Wesley Lipscomb

Jacob Hamilton

Sydney Gayles

Congrats on Completing Your First 5k!

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CMS won the regular season title and the tournament championship!

  • At yesterday's tournament, CMS shot a combined score of 176, while Powhatan shot a 187. Parker Allen was 1 over par, and shot a 37 for nine holes. He was 7 shots better than anyone else there. Brennan Evans was third in overall scoring. The tournament featured the following teams: CMS, Powhatan, Mecklenburg, Amelia
  • Tournament was held at Mill Quarter Country Club in Powhatan. The tournament almost resembled a pro event with so many parents and friends there. The golf course ran out of carts for people to ride...that's how many people were there. After the matches, everyone was served hot dogs, burgers, and sides. Powhatan did a nice job of hosting the event.
  • This year's CMS golf team members were:

    Garrison Agee

    Parker Allen

    Brody Bolton

    Brennan Evans

    Spencer Gibbs

    Garrett Mason

    Caden Powell

    Cole Toombs

    Joseph Walker IV

    Coach: Mike Adams


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  • CMS Cheerleading tryouts will begin on September 6th-16th until 5:30 each afternoon
  • Students who tryout for any sport must have a fully-completed VHSL physical form and a grade eligibility form completed by the guidance office prior to tryouts. For more information, call Mr. Collins at (434) 542-4536.
  • Heart & Sole (Girls on the Run) starts Sept. 13th. We practice Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3:45-5:30. The girls need to turn in: a completed physical form, an eligibility form, and a registration form. They can all be found in the main office. The registration form is also online here:


On the CMS School Counseling website, you'll find:

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  • Social/Emotional Facts and Helpful Tips/Resources
  • Mental Health resources online/local
  • Tips for Online Learning
  • Current events/initiatives
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