Rebel Without A Cause: Judy

By: Emily Lutz

Character Traits:


Judy is very unhappy with her life in this movie. She has quite a few issues with her father that she needs to get resolved in order to find happiness. Judy throws several tantrums during the video involving being dramatic and crying. It is obvious that she is sad and lonely most of the time.


Throughout the movie, Judy shows several examples of insecurity. She constantly needs to be with somebody in order to feel safe. Judy jumps from guy to guy. She was telling JIm that she loved him a day after her old boyfriend crashed his car during the "Chickie Run." She needs to grow more as a person and be okay with who she is.

Causes in the Family

Regardless of the title of the movie, Judy's character does have causes. In her family, she has some daddy problems that need to be dealt with. Their relationship is dysfunctional and Judy doesn't know the boundaries. While she is trying to grow into a woman, she must learn to take on the role of a lady instead of a child.

Changing As a Person

During the movie, Judy changes as a person. She starts out acting as the role of a child and by the end, she's almost a mother. Judy goes from depending on her old boyfriend and group of friends to being protective and understanding. She matures into a woman that is in love and is ready to face the reality of the world, with JIm, or without.


The scene in the video with the three main characters at the mansion symbolize many things. It shows the ideal families way of life. When JIm, Judy, and Plato are playing house, they are finally a part of the family that they never had. They feel like they are accepted and can live freely in their own perfect world.


I believe that the main theme of the movie is that dysfunctional families do have an effect on the children later in life. All anybody wants is to have a comfortable home life and feel safe in their environment. Without this, there is no stability, and it usually shows in the coming years.

When and how does the film finally portray the ideal family?

At the end of the movie, Jim takes on the role as a father, Judy as mother, and Pluto as the child. Jim protects Pluto and "fixes" everything for him as a father might. It's an ironic situation because all three of these people just want what is considered "a normal family" and in the end, all they need is each other.