Dress your Newborn for Success

What to wear and what not to wear!

The Big Outlook!

Babies are very messy people so having a varity of clothing would be very useful. Also clothing that is easy to open for diaper changes and uncomplicated is going to be the most helpful for the parent an newborn. Clothing with no tags or seams is also very important to keep the baby comfortable!


Sizing for a baby all depends on the babies size and weight. Normally a newborn baby would wear newborn clothing or would skip newborn clothing and go straight to 0 to 3 months. This step could either be worn for a while or very quickly. Premature babies would wear preemie clothing and could wear this sizing for a few months.

The best idea is to buy all different sizies and return the clothing the baby doesnt wear.

How to Swaddle a Newborn!

Watch this video on how to swaddle a newborn in a safe and confortable way.

Organic Clothing

This clothing for newborns is safer and a lot more earth friendly. Read more about it.
Claudia M.

Class 1