Grade 6 Extended Newsletter

Week 8, Monday 23rd May - 27th May 2o16

SJI International Elementary School, Singapore

What a week!

WOW! From the start of our Choicez Media Puberty Program Puberty to Prep Sports Days to designing Migration questionnaires, this week was another one full of learning and growing moments.

One of the main highlights this week was the children's participation in their Choicez Media Puberty Program with confidence and interest. This is an important program for the children and they were fully engaged throughout. It was comforting to see the children engage in the Program and approach the topic with courage but in a lighthearted manner that highlighted their comfort in their learning environment. We look forward to supporting the children throughout the program.

Prep Sports Day was another huge success as the children rallied round and guided the younger children to ensure they enjoyed their Sports Day. Once again, they performed with excellence, commitment and compassion. The PE department would like to extend their sincere thanks and appreciation to the dedication of the Grade 6 students. Their participation and enthusiasm make events like Sports Days for other Grade possible and all the more fun!

Virtue of the week.....Consideration

Consideration is being thoughtful of other people and their feelings. You consider how your actions affect them. You pay careful attention to what others like and don't like and do things that make them happy.

Language Arts

With our planning phase completed last week we continued our writing phase this week. We spent some time verbally discussing language choices and how they can change the mood and atmosphere in a text. With this new-found knowledge, the children undertook some verbal games in order to create the best descriptions possible for them. It was refreshing to see each children reflect over their vocabulary choices as they worked with diligence to bring scenes from their stories alive. Some examples of WOW descriptions created include:

"As the light drained from the sky, so too did her memories of her homeland."

"The empty dark sky mirrored the souls of those on board."

This week we have visited crowded docks as people flee persecution, other hid under the cover of darkness as they try to escape tyranny. Hazardous journeys and horrifying scenes of despair were conjured as the migrants continued along their journey to freedom and a new beginning. By the end of the week, the quality of writing and imagery was spellbinding. As the children get closer to the end of their time in Grade 6 it is pleasing to note how they take pride in each piece of work, showing excellence from start to end.

Next week - do all our migrants make it to the Land of the Free and endless opportunity?



The children were working diligently on their Revision Package at the moment. We revised topics like Whole numbers, Algebra, Fraction and Ratio. The green maths folders had also been given back to the children. Children were advised to look through the activity sheets, quizzes and tests to prepare themselves for the end of year review. Children are also strongly encouraged to practise on questions in their 6B Activity book.

It was great to see children applying all the strategies that they have learnt in their revision. Models were drawn, notes were written, number sentences and workings were presently accurately and clearly. With their diligence and determination, the children are on their way to success!

Bill of Rights

This week our focus turned to the Society element of the 'Moving People' unit. The UN required our help as they needed a new Human Bill of Rights for 2016. The ever changing world we live in demanded a review so we decided to help.

Firstly, we created a display all the things in our life which were important to us. Any items which we felt were most important to us we highlighted and discussed our reasoning with a peer. Next, we conducted the same activity as a Refugee, using all the knowledge and understanding gained over the last few weeks. This information would prove vital later in the week.

Later, to prepare writing our new set of rules we immersed ourselves in the current Bill of Rights. We used both child friendly and adult versions to help review this important document. In teams we discussed important rights highlighted and rank these based on what we believed refugees needed most.

With both task completed and a wealth of information at our disposal. We began to create our own set of rules which we felt would make a real difference in the world today. Ideas about education, health, nutrition and free movement were key aspects of the groups new bill. Everyone looks forward to sharing these ideas at our Exit Point in three weeks.

Next week - we will listen to the voices of refugees as they describe their journey and new home. Does every country follow the Bill of Human Rights?

Some of our creative Bill of Rights Posters

SJIIES Community Migration Questionnaire 2016

Dear Parents,

Over the last few weeks we have created questions for our Migration survey. Using Google Forms each child designed their own questionnaire to gather key information to solve our big question 'What are the migration habits of our SJIIES community?'. Next week I will share our class migration survey with you all via email. Please can I ask you to take five minutes to complete this survey. The children will spend each morning next week asking different groups in our community to complete the survey too. This will provide the children with a broad range of data to review and discuss.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Mr Corrigan

Dates for your Diary

Choicez Media Puberty Program (in class for Grade 6 students) - Tuesday May 24th, 31st and June 7th from 8.20 - 9.20 am

Grade 6 End of Year Mathematics Test - Thursday, June 9th

Grade 6 Migration Exit Point - Wednesday, June 15th

End of School Year - Friday, June 17th at 12.20pm


All Home Learning can be found on the VLE page. Please check it regularly for updates.