Liberty Academy Newsletter

September 5, 2018

Digital Library Access for All

Mid-Continent Public Library has partnered with Liberty Public Schools to provide digital library access to every LPS student and staff member. This will allow students to access the many digital and print resources that MCPL provides. These resources include research databases, homework help, ebooks, digital soundbooks, digital magazines, online courses, language learning resources, and more. The digital cards that MCPL will provide do not conflict with personal library cards that students may already have. Nothing needs to be done to ensure your child receives access to these resources. If you have questions about this partnership or if you would like to opt out of this offering, please email Andrea Sumy, Director of Library Media Services at

District-wide college fair for SENIORS!

September 11th

6:30 - 8:00 PM

Liberty North High School

6:00 - College Planning and Highly Selective Presentation

8:00 - General Financial Aid Presentation

Does Multitasking Work?

From Resources for Educators:

My son regularly scanned Twitter and texted his friends while doing homework. James told me not to worry--that he could "multitask"--but I wasn't so sure.

I asked his homeroom teacher about this last spring, and she said kids tend to make more mistakes and take longer to finish work when they multitask. To show my son the difference, she suggested this. I asked him to track how long it took him to do homework for a week and the number of errors marked when the work was returned. Then, he tracked the same things for a week of homework without tweeting and texting.

He was surprised by the results! Once James saw he could finish more quickly and do better work, he decided on his own to cut down on multitasking--giving him more time for socializing afterward.