New School Year Tech Reminders

WHPS Tech Tips

Getting started on a Chromebook

To log into a Chromebook, enter the student Gmail address. Parents/guardians can find this in the PowerSchool Parent Portal (login instructions below), or the student's teacher may be able to help provide this. The initial student password is the student ID#, which also can be found in PowerSchool.

After the initial login, the password should be reset. Complex passwords (capital letters, numbers, symbols) are not necessary or recommended for our youngest learners, but the password must be at least 8 characters.

PowerSchool Information Portal

There are online forms available for parents to review the data they have in PowerSchool as well as request changes to emails and phone numbers. When parents are signed into the PowerSchool parent portal, they should go to the Forms icon in the menu to access those forms. There is a Contact Phone and Email form, an Emergency Contacts form, as well as a Student Responsible Use Guidelines form.

Please note that many of the features are only applicable to students in Grades 6-12.


Google Classroom

The following resources are recommended for parents looking to better understand Google Classroom:

Getting into your Google Classroom

How to Use Google Classroom for Parents

Get Classroom email summaries (for parents/guardians)