Meet the teacher! Ms. Romero

2016-2017 Academic Year

My Favorites

Hobby: Explore the world and Write Poetry- Movie: Avatar

Book: One hundred years of solitude- Food: Soups

Season: Summer- Color: Purple & Pink

Animal: Turtle & Owl- Sport: Basketball

Hi! My name is Ms. Romero and I will be your ESL teacher this year. This is my second teaching year at Summit High School. I’m very excited and enthusiastic for what is about to come this academic year. I love teaching, exploring and learning. You will never get bored in my class! About me I can tell you that I earned my master’s degree in ESL and Foreign Language Education at Rutgers University. My first language is Spanish and I do speak English as my second language. I can’t wait to help you learn English. I understand your struggles but I strongly believe that once you feel ready to communicate in English, you will be entering into a wonderful world, full of culture and diversity.

My favorite activities are traveling, writing poetry, snorkeling and spending quality time with my family and friends. I love to explore the world, meet new people, help others and learn about other cultures. I greatly appreciate different perspectives in life. All human beings and their opinions are equally important. Get ready to learn! It’s ok to not know, but it’s not ok to not try! So I encourage you to try and to show me your best! You can always come to me and ask for help. I will be as approachable, helpful and supportive as I can possibly be. I’m here for you. I believe in you! I’m your ESL teacher! And yes! I'm pregnant!