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When you do Ballet lessons you wear a leotard, stockings or socks ballet shoes and if it is cold you might were leg warders and a cross over.

For performances you might were a tutu but if you are a boy you probably would wear stockings with a leotard or shirt.

If you are a girl you can go on point when your dance teacher tells you that your toes are ready.

This is a video from Swan Lake ballet

Kiev Ballet "Swan Lake" Final

Famous Dancers

Rukmini Devi [1904-1986]

Anna Pavlova [1881-1931]

Marth Graham [1894-1991]

Jorge Donn [ 1947-1992]

Darcy Bussel

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Famous Ballets

Swan Lake

The Nut Cracker



Sleeping Beauty

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Where Ballet Started

Ballet started in Italy around the 1400's as court ballet. Ballet is a very popular dance style and as well as having fun doing Ballet it is also good for you in a few ways. Firstly it is good for your strength and muscles. Secondly it is good for your memory.

This is the dance of the Suger Plum fairy in The Nut Cracker

P.TCHAIKOVSKY - "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" / Nutcracker - Bolshoi Ballet 2010 / Life Extract


Grau, Andree Dance Great Brittin: Dorling Kinersley limited