Eternal Rest Funeral Home

Celebration of Life

Honor, celebrate and grieve your way, with the help of our caring staff.

Whether you are planning your own end of life celebration or that of a loved one, we are here to walk you through the step by step process. Our services include helping to locate and complete important documents, transportation of the body and/or ashes, organ and body donations, information on settling estate and finally remembrance events and products.

Disposition Options

Traditional Memorial Service


Natural Burial

Burial at Sea

Alkaline Hydrolysis


Funeral Pyre or Open air Cremation

Other things to Consider

Location of Service

Service Officiate

Traditions of Faith and Culture

Music, Photographs, Readings, Eulogy and Memorabilia

Flowers and Floral Arrangements

Refreshments and Food

Memorial Donations

Event Invitations

Dont let planning end of life decisions become a daunting task that inhibits the grieving process, let us help you plan your end of life celebration.