Energy Resources

Chapter 5 Lesson 3

Non-Renewable Energy Resources | GCSE Physics | Doodle Science
This video shows non-renewable resources and how they will run out.

Coal mines

This coal mine will eventually run out of coal. It's a non-renewable energy. If we use less coal and use more solar energy it would be better for earth.

Solar farms

This is a solar farm to produce energy from the sun. The panels take the energy from the sun because it's renewable. So Earth will always be able to take energy from the sun.

Where can solar energy and coal be found?

Solar energy is taken from the sun with panels. Coal is mined from the ground with drills.

How are solar energy and coal formed?

Solar energy uses the panels to absorb heat from the sun to make energy. Coal energy is burned to steam water that spins a turbine to make energy.

How are solar energy and coal used?

The energy from solar energy is used to power houses and buildings. Coal is used to directly heat or spin a generator to power houses and building.

What percent are solar energy and coal used?

Solar energy is only .6% of the energy on earth. Coal is 33% of the energy on earth.