Computer Hardware

Second Year ICT


A Hardrive is a device found that stores and retrieves (computer) data. It consist of two discs that are magneticly coated. The data is 'written' on to the discs and then is 'read' when you want to retrieve it.

A SSD does the same job however it is smaller, thinner, lighter and has no moving parts, however this does mean that SSDs are more expesive than Hardrives. As time goes on the prices of SSD are falling and because of this it will soon be at the almost the same price.


The monitor displays the information visualy. It enables you to see it! it uses light to mak it visable.

Optical Drive

You put the CDs, DVD's and Blue Rays in here. The optical drive reads and writes data from DVD's CD's and Blue-Rays.


The CPU is stands for Central Proccesing Unit, and as he name suggests it processes the information. It does all of the commands from the computers hard ware, it could be described as the brain of the computer. They are often made by Intel.


Random Acsess Memory, of RAM is like a kitchen work top. it stores the information that we will need but not at this exact momet in time. This is were information goes if we minimize it. It is on the Motherboard which I will talk about next.


It is the heart and soul of the computer, lots of components are wired up to this such as RAM, fan and CPU. All processes must go through the Motherboard.