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LISD Special Education

A word from....Dr. Kathy Talbert, Executive Director

Dear Staff,

Thank you for a great start to the school year! As I observe in classrooms and have conversations with you, I am amazed at your dedication and passion for our work. It is exciting to see the all the tweets that tell our stories of making a difference in the lives of students. I believe teamwork is the key to our success, and it is evident that we have strong teams by your tweets showing your appreciation for your team members.

An important goal for our Department is to improve internal communication and effectively share information about what is going on around the District and Department. We are providing e-news through our newsletter with links to our website or Google Apps with more detailed information. I hope you find the format of the newsletter helpful in keeping you informed. I also plan to have face-to-face meetings following the newsletters to be available to answer any questions you may have, and to gain your input on making our work environment positive. The first face-to-face meeting is this Friday (October 2nd) at 11:00 in room 117.

Another goal for our Department is to align our professional learning activities with the District’s goals of focusing on learning standards and cultural proficiency. We are committed to providing quality learning opportunities to equip our students with the life-long skills they need to thrive and lead productive lives. We are also committed to building relationships with students and staff so all feel safe, valued, respected, and empowered to do their best. I hope you enjoy all the professional learning activities on October 9th that support these goals.

Kathy Talbert

Professional Development....Dr. Lisa Davison

A number of exciting learning opportunities are planned for our next Professional Learning Day on October 9th. All of our own SPED department personnel will participate in their year-long PLCs. Our department began using PLCs for developing their learning last year and found that this format helped the different disciplines to tailor their learning to meet their individualized needs and interests. The SPED department will also be hosting professional learning for approximately 450 campus-based SPED teachers that day. The learning for teachers will focus on using district and assessment data to align instruction with learning standards. Everyone in our department will have the opportunity to hear Dr. Bertice Berry at First Baptist Church in Lewisville. Dr. Berry is an inspiring and award-winning speaker who uses humor to share her knowledge and insight about difficult topics such as racism and culture.To find out more click the link below.

LISD SPED Professional Developement

Friday, Oct. 9th, 8am-4pm

136 West Purnell Street

Lewisville, TX

8:00 to 12:45—Professional Learning

12:45 to 2:00—Lunch

2:00 to 2:30—Arrive at First Baptist Church

2:30 to 3:30—Dr. Berry

Things to consider:

Swipe out when leaving Purnell

Carpooling to FBC

Paras - email Mo or Rosie with end of day time

Twitter Contest

The Twitter contest has begun and it looks like #CZ4ALL is in the lead with, #HH2S a close second! The 1st drawing for Twitter entries will be on October 9th. There is still time to enter by Tweeting out the great things happening on your campuses! Don’t forget to add #PSClearns, and #LISDThrive to your feeder pattern Twitter Post!!!


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LEF Grants Awarded to Special Education

The Loretta Sue Kosechata Grant was awarded to PPCD Teacher, Alice Tremonte, at Polser Elementary. The grant will fund "I Belong, " a program designed to provide all learners with a flexible, safe, nuturing and inclusive learning enviorment.

The Jo Haney Special Education Grant was awarded to elementary teacher, Rebecca Hanna, at Prairie Trail Elementary. The grant will fund " Touch Math Superstars," to help build basic math skills by making math engaging, accessible and meaningful for all students.

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Spotlight on................................................................ Occupational and Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy, better known has OT/PT, is a busy department here in LISD SpEd. There are currently 17 O.T.s and 7 P.T.s on staff. Some of us are brand new this year, and some of us have been here over 20 years.

Between us there are many, many years of pediatric and school-based experience.

In general, O.T.s address a student’s fine motor and sensory motor needs. They assist with developing the fine motor skills necessary for handwriting, cutting, keyboarding, and other essential classroom tasks. Our O.T.s are also very involved in autism evaluations and working with students who require “sensory diets” in order to be successful in the classroom. They enjoy finding new “fidgets” that might be of benefit to their students.

P.T.s focus on a student’s gross motor skills, classroom positioning, mobility in the school setting, and recess participation. Without a good foundation of gross motor skills, a student will find it difficult to complete fine motor tasks. A significant amount of are time is assisting our PPCD and pre-K classrooms with motor labs that focus on gross motor development. We also spend a great deal of time with our FLS students to provide them optimal positioning, and provide them with opportunities for assisted or independent mobility.

TIP: Allow students to work in various positions other than seated. Standing while writing on a vertical surface promotes wrist extension and shoulder stability necessary for the control of fine movements involved in writing.

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SPED Intinerant Staff Collaborate to Publish a Book! ... "Babies Do Come With A Manual"

We are so excited to finally have our book in print. "Babies Do Come With a Manual," provides parents, teachers, and caregivers with a how-to approach for building strong foundational skills with lifetime benefits for children from birth to five years.
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Department Happenings........................................

On a Personal Note ................................

"Jeans Day" for Breast Cancer Awareness

Thursday, Oct. 8th, 8am-4pm

136 West Purnell Street

Lewisville, TX

Breast Cancer Survivor, Vonda Hicks (FOF -The Niche), invites you to support Breast Cancer Awareness! Pay $2.00 to wear jeans and a pink shirt on Thursday to support the cause. The money collected will go to the Susan B. Komen Foundation and to the PSC Activity Fund.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

SPED DIRECTORS "Shake IT UP" start the year off right!

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