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Me Just Being..well.. Me

My left and right brain are split 50/50, I am just as knowledgeable and technical as I am whimsical and creative. This can come in handy when you are writing, I can have creative ideas and use great technique.

Team Christina!

I am a supporter in a team, I love to help others and make sure everyone is happy, this makes me a blue personality. I want to keep everyone going and cheer them on. This can be bad sometimes though because I can be too nice and don't know how to reprimand others.

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That's Me!

Time to Punch the Clock!

When it comes to working my values are accomplishment, innovation, prestige, workplace, and then income. If I really love doing something, I don't care about how much I make, just that I am happy.

I will keep these values in mind when I pick my job. Some of my interests for work are governance, administration, consumer services, and family and community services.

Check out this spectacular presentation. It will help you to learn even more about my life!

Through the Looking Glass and into My Dreams

I am striving to become an author. In this job both sides of my brain will truly flourish under the technical difficulty of my writing and the creative ideas.

Dead Poets Society Clip - Ripping the Books
This clip from Dead Poets Society shows how I would teach writing. you have to be innovative and not follow some written formula, writing comes from the heart not a graph grading system.

My Glass is Over Flowing

At my job I will make anywhere between $17.50-$73.93 an hour and between $36410- $153780. I can earn my paycheck working where ever and when ever I want, my house, an office, or even in the car. The outlook on authors is good, the need for authors will increase. My dreams will surely come true with the amount I will make and the fact that writing is timeless.

The Journey

I will first go to Bentonville High School where I will follow the smart core requirements and graduate with high honors. I will take Spanish, get involved in clubs, take the PSAT, take SAT, take ACT and apply for scholarships. I will study hard and take all Pre-AP classes as well as extra writing courses to improve upon my skills.

Congratulations Graduate

Thursday, May 25th 2017 at 3pm

285 Stadium Drive

Fayetteville, AR

Christina Irmen will be graduating from Bentonville High School on the smart core course with high honors!!!

The Challenge

I will attend Ball State in Muncie, Indiana. This school offers the perfect major that I need to go my farthest in my writing career.

While there, I will major in my passion, journalism, communications, and related programs, so that I will have the skills needed to be the best writer I can be. I will study hard and graduate with honors and my Bachelor's degree so I can move on to bigger and better things.

Down the Money Hole

As with any school, Ball State has it's costs, the tuition for out of state is $22538, and the charge per hour for out of state is $850. The living cost is $8472 for on and off campus living, in order to make it happen I will have to save my money and not be irresponsible with my loose change.

Testing, Testing, 1..2..3

The requirements to get in to this college are that you must have scored at least a 71% on the SAT's and at least a 29% on the ACT.

Only 9659/14302 of the people enrolled get in, but I know that through hard work and effort I will get in.

The Dream

When I become an author, I will move to Manhattan, New York. I will move there because Authors make more money there than in places like here in Arkansas. Not to mention all the publishers and writing opportunities the Big Apple holds in it. This apple will be a slice of pie, I don't let anything stand in my way to accomplish my goal of becoming a top selling author.