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Social Media

One of our focuses this year is to develop strong communication ties between school and parents. We will be using various social media channels in order to make this happen. Right now we are on Instagram (greenfield_middle) and on Twitter (@gms_hawks), and now on FACEBOOK ( We will be posting news from the school which may include photos of all the cool things happening here in and outside of the classroom. Our focus is to bring a sense of community between the school and the parents. Our art room also has Instagram to follow at gmsartfocus. Please follow us to stay updated!
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Greenfield Education Foundation Fundraiser

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2017-18 PARENT SURVEY- Click the BUTTON below to take the Parent Survey

In January of 2014, the School District of Greenfield embarked on a 6 month Strategic Planning process which resulted in the District identifying the nine desired outcomes outlined in the Pathways to Success document. The process began with the district surveying parents about key areas in the district. The goal is to continue this process annually in order to gain parent perspective regarding progress toward our desired outcomes and to guide and inform our next steps. Additionally, The District Parent Advisory Committee is focused on enriching home-school partnerships and engaging families in meaningful learning opportunities. Our goal is to connect families to resources that strengthen and support student learning and family well-being. Please complete the survey and let us know how we can best meet the needs of your family. The survey will be open until Friday, May 11th. If you have any questions, please contact Ellen Oates at 855-2031.

2018-19 School District of Greenfield Learning Calendar

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The National Junior Honor Society (NJHS) is a fun service organization for seventh and eighth grade students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher. NJHS had a meeting on Friday, the thirteenth to make posters for the book drive. Hundreds of books were donated to Greenfield Library for their Little Libraries program as a result of NJHS efforts. In addition, NJHS officers have organized Hawk Time hall cleanups. If there is a needs for service hours this is a way to get them. Members- be sure to check the NJHS Google Classroom for updates on meeting and service hours. On May 4, 2018 NJHS will have an outside cleanup if weather permits. If you have any questions feel free to talk to the NJHS officers and advisors.

NJHS President Kinga Kas

From the Guidance Office.....

Mindful Minute

Deep Breathing:

“I feel silly doing deep breathing. What’s the point, I know how to breathe!”

I often get questions from students and adults about deep breathing, also known as “belly breaths.” Is it effective? YES! Is it researched based? YES!

The American Institute of Stress explains that deep breathing reduces anxiety and stress. Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes a state of calmness. Breathing techniques help you feel connected to your body—it brings your awareness away from the worries in your head and quiets your mind.

Check out this deep breathing/mindfulness resource….

Stop Breathe Think App

  1. FREE app for Android/iPhone
  2. Also accessible online at:
  3. A friendly, simple tool to guide people of all ages and backgrounds through meditations for mindfulness and compassion.

GMS Fine Arts Night

Purses for a Purpose

One of our Student Council members, Rhea Allen and her mother are collecting new and gently used purses along with other essential living items for a program called Purses with a Purpose through the St.Vincent de Paul Meal Program. These purses will be filled and handed out to moms on Mother's Day!

Rhea and her mother are in need of 50 new or gently used purses and the following essential living items (travel size):

Hand Sanitizer
Body spray
Mouth wash

If you are able to help out by donating any of the above items they would greatly appreciate it. Please drop the items off in the attendance office by May 9th and we will be sure they get to Rhea and her mom. As Rhea's mom said, "All mommys' deserve a little something on Mother’s Day ❤️"

8th Grade Gold House

The 2017-18 Gold House school year has included many eye-opening, educational, and riveting topics! In social studies, we have been focusing on the westward expansion of the United States including the Oregon Trail and the Mexican-American War. Science topics have included physics and chemistry, while math students have been learning about geometry and algebra. Our language arts class has been focusing on World War II and the Holocaust through book clubs. In addition, Spanish students are learning about health and body vocabulary, while German students have enjoyed focusing on food vocabulary. The Gold House eighth-grade experience will go down in the books as an amazing school year!

8th Grade Green House

As the 2017-2018 school year quickly comes to an end, 8th grade students prepare themselves for the next year that awaits them- high school! Students have finished selecting their courses for Freshman year. Prior to break, we went roller skating and watched the movie Temple Grandin, since April is Autism Awareness month. Temple Grandin is about an autistic young lady who overcomes prejudice and realizes her dreams, and becomes an innovator in animal science. Then, after break, it was back to studying.

We are currently learning about chemical reactions and chemical bonding in Science class, and in Social Studies, we are about to learn about the effects of the Mexican-American War. Algebra students are learning about Polynomials. In Language Arts, we have just finished our unit on the Holocaust. We read Prisoner B-3087, a novel about a boy who is taken from one concentration camp to another as World War ll takes place. Students also went on a field trip to Alverno College to attend the Holocaust Remembrance Service, where we got to listen to the story of Estelle Glaser Laughlin, a Holocaust survivor.

German Day, held at University of Wisconsin-Madison, is a competition where students compete in spelling bees, skits, and poetry (all in German of course). Good luck to all of the students competing! Or should I say, Viel Glück! German students have just finished the Traveling unit, and are about to start the Food unit. Since this year is almost over, let’s try to make the most out of it!

Written by Arilu Marquez

8th Grade German

The eighth-grade German students are very busy as the 2017-18 school year comes to a close. Some of the activities we have done recently are, planned a pretend trip to a German speaking country, met a German exchange student, read poetry, and held a spelling bee for German Day at UW-Madison. The students have also done two plays in class (Rotkäppchen and Schneewittchen). Lastly, the eighth-grade German students will be learning about foods and cultural etiquette all throughout the month of May.

Planning a pretend trip to a German speaking country was not easy, but was a very fun project. In the process, the students learned how to buy a plane ticket, a hotel room, a train ticket, and stay in a youth hostel. The students had no spending limit, therefore many of the students took the opportunity to fly first class! Another major part of this pretend trip was planning the activities the students would do in their two cities of choice, as well as packing their bags using the verb “to need.”

A few weeks ago the German students met a 16 year old girl name Vivi from Rosenheim, Germany. She did a great job answering all of the students questions and she asked students questions about their lives, school, favorite things, and family. This was a great experience for all German students. They learned about food, music, and many other topics.

Just recently, the students got to choose a poem to memorize. The poems consisted of Luftballon sitzt im Gras, In meinem Haus, Bei uns zu Haus, and more. There were many poems that could qualify the students for German Day. There were also other ways to qualify for German Day, such as the spelling bee and/or acting in the play for Rotkäppchen at UW-Madison. The students who qualified for German day are, Josie O., Deen M., Alenis M., Jadyn N., Gina K., Carson S., Connor S., Lisa B., Leslie M., and Isabel B.. Congratulations to all who qualified!

Rotkäppchen (Little red riding hood) and Schneewittchen (Snow White) are two classic plays and fairy tales. The German students acted the stories from The Grimm Brothers, who had put a dark twist on the Fairy Tales everybody knows today. Luckily the students did not make the story too twisted while being recorded.

Last but not least, German students will finish the year with a restaurant unit. Learning about food and cultural etiquette never seemed so good to the German students. They will learn how to say various types of food and learn more about those foods. The students will create their own skits acting out a restaurant scenario including bringing in authentic cuisine!

To conclude, the eighth-grade German students had many activities to do in the 2017-2018 school year. We’ve learned about families, free time activities, the Grimm Brothers and their contribution to literature, planned a pretend trip to a German speaking country, met an exchange student, read poetry and held a spelling bee, and don’t forget about the two plays (Rotkäppchen and Schneewittchen). Learning about cultural etiquette and more about German food sounds like a great way to end the year.

7th Grade Blue House


Science has been lots of fun for the past 6 weeks! We learned about four of the systems in the human body and drew them on a poster! For this poster, we traced one member of our group so we would have an accurate human body silhouette. We presented these posters, along with an electronic presentation. After this, we started reading a magnificent novel named “Hoot”. We just connected the story to science using abiotic factors. Science has been a blast this year and I think we're all looking forward to what's next!

Accelerated Math:

In Accelerated Math, we just learned about the Pythagorean Theorem. This awesome unit lead us straight into our geography unit! We are working hard with polyhedrons and cross sections of 3D figures.We just did an activity with Magformers, a magnetic building tool with multiple 2D shapes that make a 3D one, and it was lots of fun! Mr. Buran is very proud of how we all did in Trimester 1. I can't wait to see what we learn next!

Regular Math:

In Math, we've been learning about percents and angles. We have also worked with constructions and circles! We took a unique CSA where we found the perimeters of a pizza and made our own pizza with real ingredients! We went to the store and looked at the prices of our ingredients to figure out how much money it would cost to cover the entire circumference of our pizza! All of this was just a slice of what we have been doing!


Hola! ¿Cómo está usted? (How are you?) In Spanish, we have been learning spanish words for family members and household items! We’ve been learning words such as cocina (co-SEE-na), which means kitchen, and apartamento (ah-part-ah-MEN-toe), which means apartment, through fun activities. We've worked in partnerships, large groups, and even as a whole class to work towards our goal; learning as much spanish as we can! We have a lot of fun activities planned for the end of the year and we can't wait!

Design and Modeling:

Design and Modeling has been very fun for the past 6 weeks! We had to make prototypes of toys for children with Cerebral Palsy. We got into groups and shared ideas. We built our stunning toys with lots of hard work. Finally, we presented our idea to the class. All of us had dandy inventions that could definitely be used in therapy for kids with Cerebral Palsy! Great job everyone!

Language Arts:

We have learned so much in Language Arts lately! We had astonishing book clubs which led to magnificent essays about social issues. Most of them had serious tones, but we learned a lot about different issues and what we can do to help. Currently, we have been working on poems. Any poem we wanted, as long as it had a rhyme scheme, and figurative language. This was super fun, and there were so many creative poems.


Hallo! In German, we have been learning many fun, new things, after we did our very own play! Yes, we did do a play. We based it off of Cinderella. In almost every class there were at least two casts for the play, which doubles the fun! Lately, we have been learning how to say fun things we do in our freetime. For example, lesen (lay-sin) means reading. We made a word cloud recently with fünfzehn (15) different things we do in our own freetime.

We are now looking forward to learning how to say how often we do things. Vielen Dank für Ihre Aufmerksamkeit! (Thank you for your attention!)

Social Studies:

In recent times, we have learned about Central America and ancient civilizations in Central America. The Mayan, Inca, and Aztec were popular ancient civilizations in Central America. The ancient civilizations were so cool! The Aztec would make human sacrifices, the Mayan still have native people today, and the Inca built the Machu Picchu. Now, we are learning about countries in Central America that we chose. Central America is amazing, and we look forward to doing more with it.

7th Grade Yellow House

Since the school year is almost over, Yellow House has had lots of fun things to do! In Social Studies, we have been learning about Latin America. Everyone chose a country and a special part of Latin America to research. Then, we did research about the Maya, Inca, or Aztec and made an e-book. Now, we are working on a Latin America Travel Brochure. We got lots of replies from our penpals, too! In ELA, we have been learning about poetry and poetic devices. We even got to make our own poems. In Science, we have been learning about ecosystems. All of Yellow house got to do an experiment with owl pellets. We dissected them, looking for animal bones. Everyone thought it was very cool! In Math, we have been learning about polyhedra and 3D shapes. We worked on the cross sections, bases, faces, and how you know what type of prism/pyramid it is. In German, we are working on hobbies, when you do them, and how often. In Spanish, we have been working on family and rooms. In Design and Modeling, we just finished making toys for children with CP (Cerebral Palsy). Now, we are working on SketchUp, a program that we make 3D drawings. We can make houses, cities, and more!

On April 20th, we went to see a play called Antarctica, WI. It was very interesting. Antarctica, WI is about seven 15-year-olds who love baseball. The lot they play at is going to be turned into a building, and everyone is getting upset with each other, and having awkward feelings. The seven teens and their families bond at the end.

Written by: Julia Counterman and Emilie Harmeyer

7th Grade German

So far in 7th grade German we have learned how to talk about ourselves, using numbers, months, days, times, and various verbs. We studied the differences between German and American school also learning school supplies and how to buy things in a store in a German-speaking country. We finished up our Aschenputtel unit when we had to pick a character that we wanted to play as and practice our lines. When it was time to perform the play we were recorded to see which people were the best at their character and which class did the best acting. Shortly after the play we had to make a comic book version of the play that we did, after that we watched the a short German version of Aschenputtel (German audio only) and be translators for the movie. Shortly after we began a unit of interviewing each other like asking about free time, do you play a sport, and what are your hobbies. During the end of that unit a exchange student came in from Germany and told us a little bit about herself and some interesting facts about Germany, their schools, and how they spend their free time which went along with our unit. The last unit of the year for German class is a Rumpelstilzchen play which we are all really looking forward to!

By:David Beitzel

6th Grade Orange House

Trimester 2 began with science students digging deep into Weathering and Erosion Process. Students participated in two simulation labs. In one simulation lab M &Ms "rocks" were used to show how rocks weathered, and in the second simulation lab Skittles "rocks" modeled the weathering, erosion, and deposition process. Students also ventured into the Virtual Lab World discovering how materials in a variety of locations are broken down. Now, students are investing the forces that make and shape planet Earth.

In mathematics, we just finished our geometry unit. Students really enjoyed our centers where they worked on their spatial visualization and explored new concepts like surface area. During these centers; students were engaged in geometry that came to life through drawing, building and puzzles such as IQ FIT. Our next unit of study is Statistics where students will collect, organize, and analyze data.

In English Language Arts, we finished our Disaster Books! Currently, the students are really enjoying Ghost by Jason Reynolds. We are also preparing for the all school writing prompt which will be coming up within the next few weeks. To support our writing prompt, we starting working on sentence composure which includes parts of speech.

In social studies Orange House students have been learning about Ancient Greece and Rome. Recently we did a project where students became cartographers in order to show where Greece and Rome legacies are in the United States today. Did you know that the United States government is based on the Rome Republic? And that our alphabet goes all the way back to letters from Ancient Greece? Our next unit will be the Middle Ages which will include a visit from a real knight!

In Computers second trimester, students applied their learning of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in order to stylize their personal websites. In addition, students started learning Microsoft Excel and have had fun creating pixel art and an interactive crossword puzzle. Students will be competing in a stock market challenge to see what other things Excel can do before the year is over, in addition to putting together an end-of-the-year video for next year's sixth graders. It's been a jam-packed year of learning and fun.

6th Grade Violet House

Hey GMS Hawks! This past couple of months the 6th graders in Violet House have been learning all about disasters, both man-made and natural. In science, we learned about disasters related to inside of the earth, such as volcanoes and earthquakes. Along those same lines, in ELA we were able to select a disaster of our choice to research and eventually write an informational book about that disaster. In Social Studies, we were also learning about structures the people in ancient civilizations built and the different building materials they used. Lastly, in math we learned about making geometric shapes and different characteristics about them. This brings us to our project!

All Violet House students participated in a STEM activity where we were to design and build a 3 story structure that would survive a mild “earthquake” simulation for 15 seconds. We were given only 50 wooden stir sticks and one small block of clay to use as materials. We were given about an hour and a half to plan and build our structure.

We were able to work with a partner to help with building if we wanted. When we were finished building the structure, the teachers tested it on a quake board. A quake board represented an earthquake.

If the structure fell over, teams were eliminated from the competition. If the structure survived the shake, it moved onto the next round. The second and third rounds got a little bit more intense. Once the shaking tests were over, the teachers took a look at the structures to see which one fit the requirements the best (tallest, included a geometric shape). Only a few teams won. Those special people got prizes.

That's all for now! We all hope that other people/schools try this experiment as well. All of the 6th graders really enjoyed making the structures. Thank for reading!

Brought to you by Joelle Smith,

Amber Koier, Jamie Haldeman, and Annika Wojczulis

Greenfield Public Library Summer Programs for Teens

Interested in some fun activities at the Greenfield Library? Click on the link below to see the summer opportunities.

Greenfield Public Library Summer Programs for Teens
All programs are free and do not require registration unless otherwise stated.

Reading Clubs
Tween & Teen Reading Club
Readers going into 6th-12th grades will receive an entry slip for the grand prize drawing for every 2 hours they read. They will also receive one prize pack after completing their first 2 hours of reading.


Lego Club
June 26 & July 24 at 6:00-7:00 PM

Come join the club for Master Builders!! We’ll give you a theme, you build us a masterpiece!! A great way to express creativity, work on teamwork skills, and just have fun! Legos and Mega Bloks will be provided. Adults must stay with younger children for assistance.


Family Movies
Tuesdays at 1:30 PM
June 12-July 24
Watch new family movies on our big screen. Free popcorn and beverages will be served. All movies are rated G or PG. Call or stop by the library for a list of movies that we will be showing.

Monday Programs

Afternoon Fun
Mondays at 1:30-2:30 PM
June 11-July 26

June 11: National Storyteller and Circle of Excellence Winner Megan Wells “Fairies, Folk, and Fun!”

June 18: David Herzog’s Marionettes join King Percy the Persnickety as the royal court and ambassadors from around the world celebrate his majesty's Birthday.

June 25: Karl Debelack’s Adventures in Science. Become a master Bubble-ologist (soapy scientist). Learn how to make a square bubble, blow bubbles inside of bubbles, make a spherical octahedral prism, and more.

July 2: Stories with Mr. Mark! Stories with a musical element from our resident story teller.

July 9: Jean-Andrew Leader of the Milwaukee storytelling community brings a storytelling program that weaves magic with words, images, and memorable characterizations.

July 16: Naturalist David Stokes’s “Nature’s Music: Sounds in Nature” is a fun examination of sounds in nature. Wind, rain, thunder, frogs, birds, and other “music” makers. Always a favorite.

July 23: Mr. Mark and Mr. Peter have more than rocks in their heads! Enjoy science and stories of geology from our library duo.

Thursday Programs
Thursdays at 1:30-2:30 PM
June 14-July 26

June 14: Iron Chef – Candy Sushi Edition
Use candy to make sushi-like creations and compete to win!

June 21: Lip Sync Battle
Bring a song to sing along and do battle.

June 28: Music Trivia
Bring your music knowledge and win it all.

July 5: Board Game Bonanza
Play our games to win or just for fun.

July 12: Wii Just Dance
Kids are invited to play Wii Just Dance on the big screen! Come and show off your smooth moves and have some fun!

July 19: Cookie Wars
Get creative and decorate cookies with candy, frosting, and sprinkles!

July 26: Stress Relievers
Craft away your stress by making glitter jars and stress balls.

June 13-July 25 at 2:30 PM

June 13, 2:30-4:00 PM: Escape Room at the Library, Part II
Can you escape from the library?? We’ll be setting up A BRAND NEW Escape Room in our Community Room--work with your friends, solve the puzzles, and try to get out in time! Groups will be going in every half hour; activities will be on hand while you wait.

June 20, 2:30-4:00 PM: Bad Art
Are you feeling creative but not artistic? This is the program for you!! We’ll be making art with random bits of crafting materials and giving out prizes to our WORST artists. Future Picassos need not apply.

June 27, 2:30-3:30 PM: Are You Smarter than a Librarian? Part V

Face off against our all-knowing Greenfield librarians for a chance to win some fabulous PRIZES!! The librarians have been undefeated for the past FOUR years--will YOU be the one to break their streak?!

July 11, 2:30-4:00 PM: FrankenToys

It’s alive!! After a quick tutorial on tool safety, we’ll be breaking apart old toys and making them into new “Frankentoys.” Break it and Take it Home!

July 18, 2:30-3:30 PM “Libraries Rock”—Recreating Famous Album Art!

Because “Libraries Rock,” we’ll be photographing and recreating some of our favorite album covers in the library!! We’ll give you some ideas and an iPad, and you’ll spend the hour making some cool photos!! Pick them up later the next week as finished album covers!

July 25, 2:30-3:30 PM: Craft Hacks
Upcycle everyday items to create life hacks!! Make a speaker for your phone and MORE!!! A great way to end out the summer.

Evening Programs

Evenings of Wonder
Thursdays at 6:30-7:30 PM
June 14-July 26

June 14: Magician Rick Allen’s “Beyond Belief Magic Show” includes comical audience participation and mind-blowing magic.

June 21: Wehr Nature Center’s “The Buzz About Bees.” Through costumes, role playing, and interactive activities, participants will experience a day in the life of a honey bee in its home hive.

June 28: Chris Mc Brien’s “Read Around the World” is a tour of the world with music and ventriloquism. Extremely funny and interactive.

July 5: Stories in the Garden with Mr. Mark. Join Mr. Mark in our beautiful children’s garden.

July 12: Mr. Mark Needs Help! Mr. Mark tells a lot of stories. This is your chance to help him with these very interactive tales.

July 19: “Kip’s Fun Show” is an educational and fun exploration of music, electronics, sound, and motion! Guitars that meow or moo and pianos that talk. Play instruments to make adorable plush critters talk and come alive!

July 26: Mary Tooley Art in a Suitcase “Rocks, Rock” combines art, natural science, storytelling and multicultural activities


Teen Volunteer Group
Tuesday, August 14 at 4:00-5:00 PM

Are you a teen entering 7th-12th grade who is looking to volunteer for your community? Join us for this informational session where we will gather ideas for volunteering and discuss the various needs in our community and our library. Registration is encouraged but not required. For more information or to register, call Christine at 414-321-9595 x 4127.


STEM @The Library
Tuesdays at 10:30-11:30 AM
June 12-July 24

Tweens and teens are invited to our summer series on STEM—which stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Let’s rock our library with STEM!

June 12: Straw Rockets
Use straws to launch rockets into the sky!

June 19: Water Balloon Crash
Build a structure to protect a water balloon and test it out.

June 26: Candy Science
For the third summer in a row, deconstruct your favorite candies!

July 3: Balloon Cars
Make cars powered by balloons.

July 10: Waterproof the Roof
Make structures that protect from the elements.

July 17: Ice Cream Science
Learn how ice cream is made.

July 24: Water Wheels
Create gadgets that use water to lift objects.

Art at the Library

City Self Portrait Greenfield

Saturday June 16, 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Everyone is an artist. Local artist Jess Mailhot will create a unique portrait of the Greenfield community that day. Drop by to join in the creation and add a brush stroke of your own to the work of art.


Join us on Saturday August 18 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM for an outdoor art exhibit of local artists, hands-on art workshops, musical performances in the garden, and a community paint of our beloved Zoobles. Space is available for local artists and musicians of all ages to exhibit and perform. Call or drop by the Library for more information.

Summer Activities Opportunities

Wisconsin's Soccer Club for Aspiring Players; Girls Youth Program


April 30th:

Art Studio 2:45-4:00

May 2nd:

Track Meet

May 3rd:

Track Meet

May 3rd:

Spring Play/Fine Arts Night 6:00

May 7th:

Art Studio 2:45-4:00

May 7th:

Cousin's Sub Fundraiser (All day)

May 8th:

Track Meet

May 9th:

Track Meet

May 10th:

6th/7th Grade Choir Concert

May 15th:

Track Meet

May 15th:

8th Grade/High School Choir Concert

May 16th:

6th/7th Grade Band Concert

May 17th:

Chess Club

May 21st:

Art Studio 2:45-4:00

May 21st:
Track Meet

May 21st:

8th Grade Band Concert

May 25th:

No School

May 28th:

Memorial Day, No School

June 7th:

8th Grade Promotion at 8:00 am